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Hyosung is now supplying automotive carpet yarn to Lexus luxury sedans for the first time Dec.27, 2017

Hyosung is now supplying automotive carpet yarn to Lexus luxury sedans for the first time

On December 27, Hyosung announced that automotive carpets, made of yarn it proprietarily developed, were applied to LS, the top-of-the-line Lexus model that was launched this year.

In 2013, Hyosung and Japan’s carpet manufacturer Hasetora Spinning Co. Ltd. began to develop fabric suitable for LS to meet Toyota’s need to improve the interior materials for automobiles. The two companies succeeded in developing yarn and fabric suitable for the model at the right time based on their long-standing partnership, and supplied it to LS. Hyosung became the first to supply it to the Lexus model. Currently, Hyosung is capitalizing on the collaboration between the two companies to supply it not only to Lexus LS, but also to Lexus LC 500.

Hyosung, which was the first in Korea to develop yarn for carpets in 1977, has been pioneering the domestic commercial carpet market, and expanded its carpet business to include automotive carpets in 1983. Hyosung’s automotive carpet yarn is produced as a high-density product, i.e. more yarn is able to be applied to the same area of the carpet, thus helping ensure that it is rich and robust against contamination. As it is dope dyed yarn (the yarn is dyed directly), the colors and gloss are uniform, which is a strength. Thanks to these technologies, Hyosung has been leading the domestic carpet yarn market for several years, and is now actively tapping into overseas markets, including Japan, the US and China.

Since it began technology exchange with Hasetora back in 1986, Hyosung has maintained a close partnership for collaboration for 30 years and has transcended the mere relationship between a supplier and a customer. The automotive carpets, which Hyosung and Hasetora made through collaboration over the years, were applied to the representative models of Japanese automakers, e.g. Toyota’s VISTA and CAMRY, and Nissan’s SKYLINE and FUGA.

“Hasetora, the second largest automotive carpet maker in Japan, is such a special partner of Hyosung that it made a special carpet to celebrate the 30 years of the win-win partnership with us. I am pleased that we were able to successfully supply capets to Lexus through collaboration with Hasetora,” said Kim Seung-han, head of the Interior PU (Performance Unit), leading the automotive carpet business. “Hyosung will grow alongside its customers through B2B sales that provides customized solutions to meet customer needs.”

Hyosung’s automotive carpets are not only being applied to Korean and Japanese cars, but also supplied to global automakers, including GM, Ford and Tesla, through its plants in Decatur, US and Qingdao, China.

Meanwhile, Hyosung is producing not only automotive carpets, but also various interior and exterior materials for automobiles, such as polyester tire cords, possessing the leading share of the global market, airbag fabric, steel cords, seatbelt yarn, airbag yarn and yarn for car seats and the interior of automobiles.

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