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Hyosung, Targeting European market with global denim fabric supplier Nov.15, 2017

Hyosung, Targeting European market with global denim fabric supplier

Holding hands with the global denim textile supplier Bossa (based in Turkey), Hyosung is targeting the european market by attending ‘Denim Première Vision’.

Held on November 14th and 15th, Denim Première Vision presented contemporary denim styles and excellent textiles to the global population, especially the european market. In this year’s event Hyosung joined in with Bossa and displayed ‘X-play Stretch Collection’ based on Hyosung’s elastic fabric for denim, creora® Fit2.

Denim made from creora® Fit2 provides a double-axis elasticity, compared to the conventional single-axis elasticity, that enhances the natural body line of a person while enhancing mobility and comfort. Bossa’s X-play Stretch denim attacted the eyes of spectators by demonstrating a perfect fit with no wrinkles at the knee or hip line, with a 3D body scanning supported by Hohenstein Institute, a german fabric research center.

A Hyosung Officer says “Turkey annually exports apparels up to 26 billion dollar (as of 2016), and two-thirds of these goods goes to Europe,” and “This collaboration with Bossa will be the initiative for Hyosung to enter Europe’s premium denim market.” Bossa is Turkey’s largest denim fabric supplier marking an annual export of 53 million dollar last year.

Meanwhile, Hyosung also attended Bangladesh Denim Expo, held on November 8th and 9th. Throughout the two exhibits, adjusting to the market trend focusing on elasticity in denim, Hyosung suggested solutions for Ultra stretch denim material, and will accelerate its efforts to penetrate the premium jean market.

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