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Hyosung ITX, Reveals ‘Big Data Platform‘ optimyzed for smart from factories at BIXPO Nov.02, 2017

Hyosung ITX, Reveals ‘Big Data Platform‘ optimyzed for smart from factories at BIXPO

From November 1st to 3rd, Hyosung ITX, Hyosung’s leading subsidiary in IT, participated in BIXPO (Bitgaram International Expo of Electric Power Technology) held at KDJ Convention Center (Gwangju), and revealed its Big Data Analysis Platform, which is the key technology for Smart From Factry.

The newly revealed innovative platform collects, archives and analyzes various data extracted from production sites with Hyosung ITX’s original big data analysis technology and monitoring system optimized for manufacturing in real time to materialize an efficient manufacturing process.

As part of the development and service partner with Hyosung Heavy Industry for establishing AHMS (Asset Health Management Solution), Hyosung ITX is establishing a big data analysis platform.

AHMS collects and analyzes data from major components of a substation, projects and diagnoses malfunctions throughout the life cycle of power facilities and supports the operator by providing component replacement timings and maintenance strategies based on the data accumulated throughout 40 year body of work by Hyosung Heavy Industry.

Sensor attached to transformers or circuit breakers are repeated to the AHMS to be collected, archived and analyzed as big data. Then these information are encrypted and forwarded to Hyosung ITX’s data center for a 24/7 monitoring and administration.

Hyosung ITX‘s comprehensive big data platform is applicable to all operating systems including Windows, Linux, Solaris, while collecting data in real-time and archiving large sized data in an efficient manner.

Compared to conventional statistical solutions, the new platform presents a analysis speed 100 times faster, by searching and processing over one billion text in less then one second. As a special feature, a Dash Board, visualizing the analysis is available upon customer’s demand.

Hyosung ITX made great investments to strengthen its big data analysis competency for several years by establishing a specialized R&D center and reinforcing its technological man power. Such efforts are now paying off with the great amount of response from the market after launching xtrmADVISER, an AI solution, and xtrmVOC, a big data analysis solution.

NAM Kyeonghwan, Hyosung ITX CEO says “This exhibition is the first time we revealed our big data technology adopted to Hyosung Heavy Industry’s AHMS project,” and “Hyosung ITX’s IT competency including the artificial intelligence solution and process control solution, is anticipated to be applicable to variteites of production sites.”

Meanwhile, Hyosung displayed a booth also presenting Hyosung Heavy Industry’s latest high-tech extra-high voltage circuit breaker, transformer and ESS.

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