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Hyosung, Acquires ETV for pressurized membrane water treatment system Oct.30, 2017

On October 30th, Hyosung announced its approval of a New Environment Technology Verification (ETV) for its ultra filtration membrane type water treatment system from the Ministry of Environment.

The membrane filters foreign objects and only allows clean water to pass through.

Hyosung’s membrane water treatment system utilizes ultra filtration with hollow yarn with an internal diameter of 0.03㎛ (1/2,000 of the human hair) to filter foreign objects, gut flora, and pathogenic protozoa up to 99.99%.

Hyosung has previously acquired ETV for its submerged membrane water treatment system, and now with the ETV for its pressurized membrane water treatment system, Hyosung has completed its business portfolio covering a broad span of water membrane solutions fitting each and every water quality, site conditions and facility type from water treatment plants, industrial water supply facilities and waste water treatment plants.

Hyosung acquired ETV for its ‘Pressurized membrane water treatment system with coagulant automatic control and discharged water circulation flushing’, which features a flow rate of 80LMH, the highest in Korea. A higher flow rate means greater filtration in the same amount of time, thus, greater efficiency.

Moreover, the coagulation process (the process where pollutants are coagulated in larger particles for convenient filtration at the membrane) adopts an automated coagulant injection system coherent to the required amount of coagulant to minimize pollution of the membrane for enhanced operability.

Hyosung also achieved a recovery rate (the amount of treated water attained from raw water) of 97%, which is a 30% improvement from 95% of conventional products available in the market. This new system significantly reduces discharged waste water by re-circulating waste water rejected from the membrane back to clean the membrane and remove pollutants. This function provides remarkable economic benefits from cost savings in facilities.

With this recent accreditation, Hyosung set plans to proclaim the industrial water market which is highly anticipated to boom in desalination and waste water treatment projects where membrane type filtration shall be widely adopted.

Furthermore, this new accreditation provides Hyosung with the upper hand in qualification and additional merits for bidding in water treatment plant renovation projects held by local governments

HEO Hyeongwoo, Managing Director of Hyosung Water Business, says “The recent trend in water treatment is membrane. Numbers of new projects in US, Japan, China and India adopted membrane water treatment. The Asia market, especially, recently shown remarkable growth in water treatment market as part of establishing social infrastructures to match their booming development.” and “With the prolonged reference accumulated domestically and globally, Hyosung will enter the Asia market with its genuine and unique operational know-hows in earnest.”

Since implementing its pressurized membrane system to waste water recirculation pilot at Noksan Waste Water Treatment Plant in 2012, Hyosung has operated the same system on its own Yongyeon plant since 2015 to treat its industrial water. The same type of pressurized membrane system will be commissioned for Paju Waste Water Plant in December, and a nother product is currently under trial operation at a Singapores’ PUB desalination plant.

The global water treatment industry ascended to become a 6.5 billion USD market, and there is no indications of regression. The ultra filtration market has grown up to a 2.2 billion USD with an annual growth of 10%.

* New Environment Technology Verification: The government accredits domestically developed new technologies and/or new technologies adopted from overseas by assessing the technological performance or on-site applicability.

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