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Hyosung, Complete Korea’s largest photovoltaic linked ESS plant Sep.27, 2017

Hyosung, Complete Korea’s largest photovoltaic linked ESS plant

On September 27th, Hyosung announced its completion and full operation of Korea’s largest photovoltaic linked ESS (Energy Storage System) facility at Yeungheung division of KOEN (Korea South-east Power Co.)

Photovoltaic linked ESS stores photovoltaic electricity generated during daytime, and supplements stable power supply during the night. The new facility is essential to support the continuous and stable supply of new renewable energy, whereas Hyosung provides a total solution from the engineering to the hand-over of ESS.

The newly commissioned ESS features technology concentrated components including PMS (Power Management System), 7MW PCS (Power Converting System), and an 18MWh Lithium-ion battery manufactured by Samsung SDI. Hyosung refers to its analysis on electricity consumption pattern for the design and operation of PCS and batteries with the appropriate capacity. Capitalizing from the Big-data, that learns and systemizes the power conversion system operation information, the total amount and time of discharge is adjusted to fit the status and characteristics of photovoltaic generation. The PCS then stores electricity generated by each module on the battery, which can be supplied throughout Youngheung at a distant time.

In the government’s recent ‘2030 New Renewable Initiative’, the government targets to increase the total contribution of new renewable energy up to 20% until 2030. KOEN is implementing measures to establish an environmentally friendly new renewable energy complex, facilitating wind, hydropower and photovoltaic generation.

“Hyosung is capable of providing total energy solutions integrating its advanced technology in power systems, know-hows in new renewable energy technology, and ICT including IoT and Big Data. Hyosung will lead the ESS and new renewable energy market.” Said MOON Seobcheol, Vice President, Power Systems PU.

Meanwhile, Hyosung invested in ESS business as a state project in 2009, and materialized its efforts in 2012 with a 250kW ESS for Guri Agricultural and Fishery Center, followed with a 4MW/8MWh facility at Jocheon Jeju in 2013, 400kW facility for China Light & Power Hong Kong in 2014, 900kW facility for Mozambique also in 2014, a 2MW/3MWh facility and a 6MW/18MWh facility in Gapado Jeju and Pyeongchang Gangwon-do in 2016. These results collectively raised Hyosung to become the leading player of the domestic ESS market. For 2017, Hyosung is planning to fill its order book with peak-relieving ESS projects oriented toward photovoltaic linked ESS, and explore the global ESS market beginning with the India market, that has high demand in new renewable energy.

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