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Hyosung, Donate dental bus to Pureume Nexon Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Sep.26, 2017

Hyosung, Donate dental bus to Pureume Nexon Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

On September 25th, Hyosung donated a dental bus to Pureume Nexon Kids Rehabilitation Hospital for pro bono dental care of physically challenged. Including a 15 million KRW (approx. 13,000 USD) fund for purchasing dental supplies, Hyosung donated a dental bus and the fund summed up to approx. 100 million KRW (approx. 87,000 USD) to the hospital.

Pureume Nexon Kids Rehabilitation Hospital will operate the dental bus to provide dental care to those who are instituted in facilities for the severely challenged. Those who are in these facilities usually do not have the opportunity to receive proper dental care due to the non-presence of their guardian or shorthanded staff members.

With this new dental bus, Hyosung is anticipating a better quality of life for the physically challenged through enhanced dental care and prevention of secondary diseases. The dental bus will commence its operation on October 17th, by visiting Seungmin Disabled Children Day School located at Gwanak-gu Seoul.

“I hope this dental bus will contribute in improving the dental health of the challenged who are in the blind spot of dental service,” said NOH Jaebong, Vice President of Hyosung visiting the donation ceremony.

Hyosung, along with the Together Foundation, has operated the social corporation, Good Will Store Hyosung Post #1 since 2013, creating jobs for the challenged through recycling and donation. Hyosung conducts further efforts to support the less privileged by funding rehabilitation of physically challenged youth through the Pureume Foundation for the past five years, along with other social contribution projects.

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