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Hyosung, Take part in ‘Preview In Seoul 2017’ with 5 partners Aug.29, 2017

Hyosung, Take part in ‘Preview In Seoul 2017’ with 5 partners

From August 28th to 30th, Hyosung participated in the 18th annual Preview In Seoul 2017 (the “PIS 2017”) held in COEX and Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas.

Hyosung bolstered the largest exhibition square amongst all exhibitors and jointly operated the booth with 5 textile and weaving partners of Donghwa Textile, Seachang, Hyeonjin Knit, Yes Textile, and Corona Textile to help their marketing and sales activities.

Hyosung’s efforts in win-win cooperation is based on Chairman CHO Hyunjoon’s message emphasizing“Our affiliates are our most dearest partners, and we have to establish an environment for mutual growth through careful consideration.”Hyosung recently initiated joint research efforts with B2C partners including BLACKYAK, an outdoor giant of Korea, and JDX Multisports, a sportswear brand, to develop new fabrics to capture two birds of more intense market dominance and stronger business partnership, with the single stone of development.

Throughout PIS 2017, Hyosung aggressively promoted its highly functional products including the stretchable spandex creora®, and other yarn, woven and dye products of nylon and polyester.

Hyosung has a dominant market status in various highly functional products including: creora® Color+, allowing acid pigment dying for deep & rich colors; creora® Highclo, a choloride resistant textile for swimwear; Mipan Aqua-X, a multi-functional nylon yarn with moisture management and UV protection; and Cotna, a polyester yarn with the soft feel of natural cotton. And spectators showed great interest in creora® Fresh, a polyester yarn removing disagreeable odors from daily activities and allow comfortable and refreshing wear.

Along with its participation in ‘Interfilière Paris 2017’, the world’s largest swimwear exhibition where Hyosung celebrated the 25th anniversary of the launching of creora®, Hyosung is solidifying its pole position in the global spandex market.

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