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Hyosung environmentally friendly idea contest Aug.18, 2017

Hyosung environmentally friendly idea contest

On August 18th, Hyosung concluded the “Hyosung Environmentally Friendly Idea Contest“ that commenced in June.

The grand prize went to “Wireless Electronic Device Recharging Shoes” submitted by KIM Beomkyeong (Hanyang Univ.), followed by“Brake Pad Zeolite Filter” submitted by LEE Dongyoung & HAN Jeonghyeon (Handong Univ.) as the runner up. Three other entires were recognized for their excellence:“Low Power, Coolant Free Air Cooler”by Omar (Hongik Univ.), “Waste Heat Recovery System”by KIM Kyeongmin & AHN Subon (Korea Maritime and Ocean Univ.), “Eco-friendly Smart Trash Can” by CHOI Nayeon (POSTECH), LEE Ho-oak (Gachon Univ.), and KWON Hanwool (Inha Univ.).

Vice President ROH Jaebong, Head of Corporate Administration Center, pledged the participants and winners in his speech that“This event was held to spread the acknowledgement of environmentally friendly management, and I am extremely thankful for all the participants. Hyosung will continue its efforts to care about our environment, and establish a sustainable corporation.”

Winners were awarded with prize money (7 million KRW for Grand Prize, 4 million KRW for Runner-up, and 2 million KRW for Excellence. 1 million KRW is approx. 9,000 USD) and will be granted waiver of document review if they apply for joining Hyosung.

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