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Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant, Execute Three-party Social Responsibility Agreement Jun.02, 2017

                   Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant, Execute Three-party Social Responsibility Agreement

On July 2nd, Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant announced that a three-party social responsibility agreement was executed on June 30th, by and between the government, management and labor related to create new jobs and pursue win-win growth with partners. Union representative JEONG Dong-min, Gumi Plant Manager JEON Seok-jin, and PARK Jeong-woong, head of gumi local labor office attended the signing ceremony. Nautilus Hyosung Gumi plant will seek on methods to establish a win-win partnership between labor and management, and contribute to the growth of regional economy.

This agreement includes provisions to ▲Create high quality jobs and improve quality of work; ▲Improve working environment and labor conditions in partners; ▲Enhance corporal competitiveness through win-win cooperation; ▲Improve quality of life by cultivating a labor environment where life and work is balanced; ▲Pursue win-win partnership through ethical management.

In detail, the agreement regulates improving payment conditions of sub-contracting partners; establish and operate a Plant Operation Rationalization TFT to improve problems residential workers encounter; reduce unnecessary overtime work; promote annual leaves.
Plant Manager JEON Seok-jin of the Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant stated “I am pleased to be a part of this great moment where representatives of the union, management and government join together and jointly announce a harmonic relationship and the implementation of social responsibility. To materialize harmony between labor and management, and fullfill our social responsibilities, labor and management shall join together and fully cooperate for win-win growth.”

PARK Jeong-woong, head of Gumi local labor office said “I hope this three-party agreement can lead to a new movement of social responsibility throughout all companies operating in Gumi, and cultivate a more harmonic labor-management relationship in the region, and eventually contribute to the growth of regional economy by improving labor conditions and creating more good quality jobs.“

Meanwhile, Nautilus Hyosung Gumi Plant is pursuing to manufacture products of high quality and improved productivity. In particular, the plant is focusing on producing domestic circulated products and high added-value products to become the anchor of other overseas factories and secure a more stronger competitiveness.

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