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Hyosung, Presenting Global Fashion Trend and Seek Shared Prosperity Mar.24, 2017

Hyosung, Presenting Global Fashion Trend and Seek Shared Prosperity

From March 6th to 17th, Hyosung went on a two week campaign to visit global customers in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and hold the “Creora®Workshop.”Successfully completing its Asian Workshop, Hyosung is planned to visit customers in Europe, Indonesia and America beginning next month.

The Creora®Workshop is a platform for Hyosung to present Global Trend customized to each customer, and to provide customized consult on suggesting development of new textiles utilizing Creora®, nylon and polyester yarns. Creora®Workshop commenced in 2010 and currently it is in its 8th installment.

20 customers embraced this opportunity including fabric and sewing companies of Best Pacific (China), Derun (China), and Newwide (Taiwan) and brands of Lining (China), Victoria’s Secret (Hong Kong) and GAP (China).

Throughout the Creora®Workshop, fashion columnist Lousia Smith accompanied Hyosung to present fashion trends for the 2019 S/S season. Louisa Smith stated that “The fashion trend of Activewear is expanding to all types of clothing including casual, swimsuits and underwear, and the increased demand of multi-functional fabric leads to anticipation in Creora®Fresh.”

Hyosung is promoting Creora®Fresh, an ordor absorbing product launched in 2016, to customers through dynamic marketing activities including exhibitions and Creora®Workshops. Socks provided by Japan’s Uniqlo and sportswear provided by Korea’s BlackYak adopt Creora®Fresh as their main component, and there is further interest of numerous brands in and outside of Korea, only to anticipate new products to be launched.

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