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Hyosung, Supporting Cultural Welfare Expanding Social Enterprises Mar.22, 2017

Hyosung, Supporting Cultural Welfare Expanding Social Enterprises

Hyosung supports cultural art social enterprises to help the less privileged including the physically challenged and senior citizens. On March 22nd, Hyosung held “Cultural Welfare Expanding Social Enterprise Support”project and provided support funds to selected enterprises.

Hyosung, with joint efforts from the Work Toghter Foundation, selected Korean Barrier Free Films Committee (KOBAFF), It-da and Memory Plant to be supported by Hyosung. KOBAFF produces, screens and distributes barrier free films, where barrier free films are made with audio description to explain what is happening on the screen for visually impaired people, and with Korean subtitles that relate narration and dialogue, music and sound information for hearing impaired people, so that everyone can enjoy movies together barring any physical challenge. KOBAFF produced a barrier free version of the film [Billy Elliot], and is planning to screen it over 40 times in 2017 to enhance the cultural welfare of the culturally less privileged.

It-da, a cultural contents enterprise, operates a letter press project for the mentally challenged. Letter press is a form of art where letters or figures are printed by cutting-off the shape of letters or figures, place paper above the object and apply pressure to the paper, and around 30 people with developmental disabilities from the Gwangsan-gu branch of Gwangju Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. By supporting their artistic activities, It-da is planning to fund the proceeds from the letter press project in activities to allow the mentally challenged to become socially independent.

Memory Plant facilitates a photo archive of personal history and everyday life of senior citizens and provides a “Memory Map”service to share photos of social value to help socializing and mentally stabilizing senior citizens. With this support from Hyosung, Memory Plant is considering to expand the “Memory Map”service, currently limited to Seoul, to the 5 major metropolitan cities.

Hyosung will provide funds up to 10 million Korean Won for their projects and provide consult to enhance their competence as a social enterprise.

Meanwhile, Hyosung has sponsored the developmental and intellectually disabled children & youth orchestra ‘Onnuri Love Chamber’since 2014, is continuing its mecenat activities to allow the less privileged to enjoy culture, including its sponsoring of theater yeonwoo, a Daehak-ro based company, and Ariin, an organization producing musicals to prevent school violence.

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