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Hyosung, seeking expansion in Golf Sportswear market with JDX Jan.06, 2017

Hyosung, seeking expansion in Golf  Sportswear market with JDX

MOU on fabric development and joint marketing was signed

Hyosung agreed to vibrantly support JDX’s development and promotion of new products. Hyosung and JDX will jointly develop the best premium fabric for Golf & Sportswear, and apply the premium fabric to new products of JDX to lead the functional clothing material market inside and outside of Korea.

JDX Multisports, one of the most remarkable multi sportswear brand in Korea, is dedicated to increase their market share in the Golf & Sportswear industry inside and outside of Korea through the MOU. In particular, JDX is anticipating that the differentiated fabric utilizing Hyosung’s high-performance yarn, shall be the key to their market development. JDX secured its status as the preferred business partner for the jointly developed fabric. Therefore, JDX now acquired diversity and competitive advantages over other brands in competition.

Hyosung’s Aeroheat and Aqua-x, optimized for winter and summer respectively, will be mainly used throughout the development of premium fabric. Aeroheat, gaining positive response as a winter fabric, is a heat generating polyester that emits thermal energy by absorbing light with mineral substances.
The high-functional cool-to-touch Aqua-x provides yarn with wider surface contact to skin fore effective absorption of heat from the body. Aqua-X also features prolific UV ray protection and is an appropriate outdoor activities during summer.

Along with functional materials of Aeroheat and Aqua-x, products made with Cotna, a cotton-touch like polyester fabric, are expected to be displayed in various fabric & fashion conventions inside and outside of Korea as part of the joint marketing strategy.

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