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Hyosung, delivered one hundred million won sponsorship money to the disabled children & youth orchestra Dec.28, 2016 RSS

Hyosung, delivered one hundred million won sponsorship money to the disabled children & youth orchestra

Hyosung gives one hundred million won sponsorship money to the developmentally and intellectually disabled children & youth orchestra ‘Onnuri Love Chamber’. Hyosung began to sponsor the Onnuri Love Chamber in 2014 and has continued the relationship for 3 years.

Sponsorship to the Onnuri Love Chamber was suggested by Director Cho Hyun-sang of the Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Corps (vice president) and he has sponsored culture and arts for self-reliance of the vulnerable social group. Vice President Cho joined at the practice of the Onnuri Love Chamber and communicated with the members on December 27th when the sponsorship ceremony was held.

Vice President Cho stated his feelings as “It is so fruitful to see the kids who communicate with people in music and are happy about it,” and “we will continue all of our efforts to make a heart-warming society including sponsorship to cultural and artistic activities for the vulnerable social group.”

Onnuri Love Chamber is the orchestra founded by the Onnuri Church in May of 1999 under the name of ‘Onnuri Music Class for the Disabled’. Composed of about 80 disabled children and youths, it is doing more than 50 domestic and overseas tour concerts. In the past November, the orchestra had the ‘teaching class’, at the Seoul Arts Center, in which they received person to person performance lesson from the members of the ‘Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble’ led by the world famous cellist Yo Yo Ma.

On the other hand, Hyosung is doing various sharing activities including delivery of daily necessaries and welfare support money to the neighbors of Mapo-gu where the Hyosung Head Office is located, year-end donation to help neighbors in need and donation for the fire-damaged Daegu Seomun Market.

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