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Hyosung, introduced a new product 'creora® Fresh' in Lyon, France Jul.11, 2016


Hyosung participated in the world largest exhibition of the materials for lingerie and swimsuits, ‘Lyon Mode City & Interfiliere Lyon’ held in Lyon, France for 3 days from 9th to 11th and newly introduced ‘creora® Fresh’ the spandex differentiated by its deodorizing function.

creora® Fresh introduced by Hyosung for the first time at this exhibition is a functional spandex that helps wearing clothes freshly for a longtime by eliminating smell of sweat or foot odor in daily lives or after sports actions. creora® Fresh provides the deodorizing function by chemically neutralizing such odor diffusing materials as ammonia and acetic acid causing smell of sweat and isovaleric-acid causing foot odor.

In particular, creora® Fresh keeps the deodorizing function for a long time even after several washings because it has better durability than the previous products that are given the deodorizing function through coating treatment or post-process only on the fabric surface, and it also has the advantage of being able to eliminate odor even if it is used for only 10% of the fabric weight. It can create higher value-added than the previous materials when applied mostly to the clothes directly contacting human skin such as underwear, sportswear or stockings. Hyosung maintained No.1 world market share and, further, provided the basis for customers to create new value by adding the spandex product with special functions to the ‘creora®’ brand.

Mr. Cho Hyun-joon the Head of the Textile PG (President) said, “I am happy, particularly this year, to be able to show excellence of creora® to the French and the world market while launching new products on which Hyosung’s technology is concentrated,” and “we will strengthen partnership with client companies on the basis of this opportunity and extend the area of creora® further in the premium brand market through constant technology development.”

At this exhibition, together with creora® Fresh, Hyosung also introduced ‘creora® Color+’ that enables dyeing in numerous colors at the time of producing nylon and fabric, ‘creora® Black’ that enables realizing thick and classy black color by coating black color on the white spandex yarn at the production step, and ‘creora® Eco-soft’ that enables fabric production at a low temperature for soft touch and is environment-friendly by saving production energy.

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