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Social Contribution Management - Find out about Hyosung's various corporate charity efforts.

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Social Contribution Management of Hyosung Group and Chairman Hyun-joon Cho.

Hyosung plans to expand the scope of social contribution activities gradually so that more people can benefit from its programs and services. Chairman Hyun-joon Cho announced his plans of creating a corporate culture wherein more employees participate in social contribution activities. "As a businessman, I will focus on business management and investment through which to contribute to promoting the economy, at the same time fulfilling our social responsibilities by providing realistic help to our neighbors," Chairman Hyun-joon Cho Said. Hyosung strives to create a better society by carrying out various social contribution activities focused on three main objectives: "Helping the Underprivileged Achieve Financial Independence and Sustainable Livelihood"; "Sponsorship for Culture and Art"; and "Supporting National Defense and Veterans."

※ Social contribution news can be read from the Public Relations Center (News Center).

Sharing with the Community

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The community activities carried out by its branch offices include free rice and kimchi for low-income families in the area, village development, sponsorship for the Share Hope Festival for low-income families in Mapo-gu, and free daily necessities for the local community with the help of SNS communities. Chairman Hyun-joon Cho and directors are making efforts to build a better country and world where more people can live better, happier lives.

Support for People with Disabilities, Low-Income Families, and Social Enterprises

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Corporate social responsibility activities must be sincere because they are aimed at the creation of value that can contribute to creating a better society. Hyosung organized the "Hyosung Sharing Volunteer Group" in 2013 to promote the voluntary participation of its employees. Volunteer members include the board of directors as well as Chairman Hyun-joon Cho. The volunteer group has been contributing to promoting the recycling culture while also creating jobs for people with disabilities and low-income families by supporting social enterprises dedicated to creating jobs (production facility replacement and Combridge Program, etc.) and running Good Will Stores, in addition to rehabilitation treatment for children with disabilities, sponsorship program for families with disabled children, and vocational program for underprivileged women. "I hope our ongoing sponsorship program can help children and teenagers with disabilities become wholesome members of society," Chairman Hyun-joon Cho said.

Global Sharing

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Hyosung goes beyond the borders to create a better world through its social contribution activities. Since the appointment of Chairman Hyun-joon Cho in 2017, Hyosung has been carrying out more social contribution activities in order to earn the trust and love of the global village by sending medical volunteers to Vietnam every year to treat more than 1,000 patients in the country, inviting high-risk patients to Korea for treatment, providing emergency relief to disaster areas overseas, building small libraries in low-income countries, and donating computers to schools in underdeveloped regions.


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Hyosung Founder “Manu” Hong-Jai Cho went the extra mile to provide more educational opportunities to the youth by serving as director of Baemyeong School and Dongyang School. It was one of his foundation principles, and his legacy continues by Chairman Hyun-joon Cho and Hyosung Group with the Junior Engineering Class, "One Company, One School Program," and Dongyang School (Donyang Mirae University, Dongyang High School, and Dongyang Middle School).

Sponsorship for Culture & Art

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Hyosung's sponsorship programs are aimed at providing the underprivileged with more opportunities to enjoy art and helping them participate in various art activities. The board of directors and Chairman Hyun-joon Cho are highly interested in this area. As such, they became the founding members of the "Foundation Arumjigi," which is dedicated to preserving cultural heritage, still serving as members of the executive committee. Hyosung employees also participate regularly in the cultural heritage preservation activities at Changdeokgung Palace. Hyosung's sponsorship programs include Free Orchestra Tickets for Children with Disabilities, Yo-Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble, Orchestra Award for the Disabled, Teach Class, Musicals Against Violence, Cultural Heritage Preservation, and Outstanding Theatrical Companies.

National Defense and Veterans Services

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Among its social contribution activities, Hyosung is particularly known for its contribution to national defense, one of the founding principles set forth by Hyosung Founder Hong-Jai Cho. As such, all the CEOs and directors of Hyosung regularly visit the Seoul National Cemetery to pay homage to the patriots who have sacrificed their lives to protect the country by cleaning the cemetery and bow to the Memorial Tower. In addition to their homage to the fallen soldiers, Chairman Hyun-joon Cho donated a bronze sculpture called "The Peace Foot" in August 2015 as a token of appreciation for the services of the soldiers injured by the mines planted by North Korea at the DMZ and to wish for peaceful reunification. He also signed a cooperative agreement with the First Corps of the Army “Gwanggaeto,” and he has been donating money for the improvement of conditions of military camps and books for the "Book Cafe of Love" every year.