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Social Contribution Management - Find out about Hyosung's various corporate charity efforts.


We will be with you through sharing.

Under the slogan of ‘We will be with you through sharing’, Hyosung is going to practice the vision to be the company that helps the beneficiary develop their future by themselves through education and sharing.

※ Social contribution news can be read from the Public Relations Center (News Center).

Sharing with the community

Sharing with the community Image

· Love rice/gimjang kimchi sharing for the low-income group living near head office/workplaces
· 1 Company – 1 Village activity by each workplace
· Sponsoring of the Hope Share Festival for fundraising to support the low-income group of Mapo-gu
· Support of daily necessaries to the nearby areas of the head office/workplaces in association with SNS

Support to the disabled/the poor and social enterprises

Support to the disabled/the poor and social enterprises Image

· Operation of the Hyosung Sharing Corps
· Sponsorship activities of the disabled children rehabilitation treatment and their families
· Sponsoring of the education programs for actively getting the vulnerable social group women find a job
· Sponsorship programs for the job creating social companies (replacement of production facility, Combridege Program)
· Job creation for the disabled/low-income group through operating Goodwill Store and propagation of recycling culture

Global sharing

Global sharing Image

· Dispatch of the overseas medical volunteer corps
· Sponsoring of invitation of high risk patient to Korea and surgery
· Emergency relief activities at the overseas disaster areas
· Construction of mini libraries in the low income countries
· Donation of computers to the schools of the underdeveloped area

Education program

Education program Image

· Junior Engineering Class
· 1 Company – 1 School Sponsorship Program
· Operation of the educational foundation, Dongyang Schools (Dongyang Mirae University, Dongyang High School, and Dongyang Middle School)

Culture and Art Sponsorship

Culture and Art Sponsorship Image

· Sponsorship for the disabled children’s orchestra
· Sponsorship for Yo Yo Ma & Silk Road Ensemble’s performance and opening of a teaching class for the disabled orchestra
· Sponsorship for Violence Preventive Musical
· Cultural-heritage protection activities by employees
· Sponsorship for outstanding drama institutions

Memorial Activities

Memorial Activities Image

· Sponsorship for the Korean War Veterans Home Program
· 1 Company – 1 Grave Section Volunteer Service
· War Veterans Invitation for Gratitude
· Donation of book café to military camps
· 1 Company – 1 Barrack Sponsorship