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The Code of Conduct - Hyosung will earn your trust with honest business practices.

Honesty and trust are our fundamental business principles.

In order to introduce more transparent business practices, Hyosung has enacted the ‘Code of Ethics’, which provides a guideline for employees and executives to make honest, ethical and moral business decisions. Hyosung will continue to fulfill all its social roles and responsibilities as a global corporate citizen by establishing a wholesome corporate culture.

ETHICAL MANAGEMENT : Compliance with laws and regulations + Respect for customers + Shareholder-oriented business + Respect for fellow employees + Socially-responsible business

Ⅰ. Compliance with laws and regulations
" We strictly comply with laws and company regulations."
1. We respect the national laws and comply with all regulations and socially defined norms of conduct.
2. We strictly comply with the company’s business policies and regulations and fulfill our responsibilities and duties.
3. We regularly create jobs by earning honest business profits and earnestly fulfilling our basic roles as members of our society.
Ⅱ. Respect for customers
"A company exists to offer the value that can satisfy customers."
1. Gaining the trust of our customers is our most important priority.
2. We provide distinguished quality and service that can satisfy the needs of our customers
3. We strive to establish transparent and fair business practices with our customers and develop healthy partnerships.
Ⅲ. Shareholder-oriented business
"A company belongs to its shareholders and it should absolutely gain their trust."
1. We increase the profits for our shareholders and investors by creating value with better performance.
2. We conduct business logically and transparently to gain the trust of both our shareholders and investors.
3. We respect the rights of our shareholders and investors and offer them all the necessary information at the appropriate time to
realize profits with integrity.
Ⅳ. Respect for fellow employees
"Each of the employees is the most important asset of the company."
1. We mutually respect the character of each of our fellow employees and establish a sensible corporate culture based on mutual trust
and understanding.
2. We create a comfortable workplace where individuals can openly express their creativity and can enjoy their work.
3. We do not discriminate based on unreasonable grounds, such as educational background, place of birth, gender, age, or religion.
Ⅴ. Socially-responsible business
"A company is a member of society and must achieve harmony with society to grow."
1. We fulfill all of the responsibilities and duties as a member of society as well as striving to achieve mutual prosperity and progress
through social contribution efforts.
2. We aim to be an environmentally-friendly company and to be a company respected in the community.