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Textile / Trading - Maximizing customer value with innovative textile technology and a global trade network.

Textile / Trading
Hyosung Corporation
(Transworld PU)
Hyosung TNC Corporation
(Spandex, Nylon yarn, Polyester Yarn, Fabrics, Dyed, Steel, Chemicals, LED, Sebitseom, Gwangju Frozen Storage Warehouse)

Maximizing customer value with innovative textile technology and a global trade network.

Textile business of Hyosung TNC is leading the global chemical fiber industry by supplying fiber, textiles and dye products suchas spandex, nylon, and polyester as well as offering excellent technology, quality and customer service. Furthermore, Trading business, based on a network of more than 50 overseas branches around the world, is offering the highest level of marketing services in various fields centered on steel and chemicals, as well as a wide variety of fields including distribution and logistics, and is continuing to grow in the center of global trading by introducing new products and exploring new markets based on the strength of its rich experience. Hyosung Corporation Transworld PU contributes to reducing customers’ logistics costs and strengthening global competitiveness by providing quality logistics services.

Hyosung Corporation

  • Hyosung Corporation

    Hyosung Corporation Transworld PU - Reducing customers’ logistics costs and enhancing productivity Hyosung Corporation Transworld PU supports customers to reduce logistics cost and boost global competitiveness by providing high-quality logistics services and stable space securement on air and ocean freights, covering all cargo types including container, bulk, and plant / project materials. Transworld PU has been in charge of the logistics of Hyosung’s more than 20 business sectors. Based on its over 20 years' experience in forwarding business in a wide range of industries, Transworld PU organized a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) specialized department in 2018 and has been expanding its business areas since. As a freight forwarder with 123 partners from 37 countries all over the world, Transworld PU established logistics corporation in Vietnam to enhance global competitiveness and customer value over the world. To provide the optimal logistics solutions to suit each and every need of various customers, we keep moving forward through ceaseless business innovation and service developments, based on systemized VOC (Voice of Customer) and VOCC (Voice of Customer’s Customer) programs, etc. Transworld PU promises to enhance customer value with the very best total logistics services.


Hyosung TNC

  • Hyosung TNC

    An enterprise leading a global lifestyle pursued by everyone Hyosung TNC is an end-to-end textile maker that finds itself at the forefront of the global textile industry by producing and supplying nylon and polyester yarns and fabrics, and dyed and finished products as well as the global-leading spandex brand ‘creora,’ and also operates as a trading company that connects enterprises and consumers around the world with a focus on steel and chemicals through distribution and logistics.

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Spandex PU - The leading spandex/elastane brand in the world

  • creora® Color+
  • creora® Black
  • creora® Power Fit
  • creora® highclo™
  • creora® eco-soft
  • creora® STEAMSET+
  • creora® Soft Fit
  • creora® LUMINOUS
  • creora® Fit2
  • creora® Fresh
  • creora® Fresh

Based on unrivaled production technology, continuous R&D, and aggressive global marketing efforts, Hyosung has grown into the largest spandex manufacturer with its spandex brand ‘creora®’ which boasts the most significant share in the global spandex market. creora® is opening up new horizons in the textile industry by continually developing new products of the highest quality and best value that accommodate the needs of various customers.

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Nylon yarn - World-class product that leads the global textile industry

  • MIPAN regen®
  • MIPAN fine & soft
  • MIPAN robic
  • MIPAN robic-air
  • MIPAN aqua-X
  • MIPAN fit
  • MIPAN rexy
  • MIPAN glurex
  • MIPAN aeroheat
  • MIPAN duo

Hyosung is one of the world's best manufacturers of nylon textile filament, is loved by customers around the world for its nylon fibers of outstanding quality and a variety of functions, all based on production know-how accumulated over 50 years. Based on TOPLON, synthetic yarn applicable to high-quality innerwear, sportswear and industrial materials, Hyosung's line of high-functional yarn sales includes micro-fine denier yarn(MIPAN fine & soft), nylon polyester composite yarn(MIPAN XF), conductive yarn(MIPAN corona), bonding yarn(MIPAN glurex), high tenacity yarn(MIPAN robic), hollow yarn(MIPAN robic-air), and newly developed materials of cool touch yarn(Aqua-x), high luster yarn(Rexy), heat generating yarn(MIPAN Aeroheat), and far-infrared yarn(MIPAN fit). Capitalizing from its efforts to reduce energy, Hyosung has launched the world's first ever environmentally friendly recyclable nylon, 'MIPAN regen', and is leading the world to a better place through resource recycling.

Polyester Yarn - Specialty product from general yarn to high functional yarn

  • regen®
  • askin
  • aerocool
  • aerosilver
  • prizma
  • firex
  • xanadu
  • m2
  • cotna
  • aerogear
  • freshgear
  • aeroheat ex
  • aerolight

As the leader in the domestic polyester fiber manufacturer, Hyosung produces various and differentiated polyester yarns from regular yarns to high functional Major Products in order to create high values for customers. As the result of restless efforts to materialize customer needs and create differentiated product markets, Hyosung has developed high technology intensive yarn including cotton-replicating polyester yarn(cotna), cool touch yarn(askin), odor-resistant yarn(freshgear), heat generating yarn(aeroheat), latent crimped yarn(Xanadu) and far-infrared yarn(aerogear). Hyosung has recently enhanced the development of eco-friendly fibers by launching the first recycled polyester fiber in Korea, regen, strengthen it's position as an eco-conscious company by obtaining Eco-Mark from the Japan Environment Association as well as GRS(Global Recycle Standard) from CONTROL UNION in Netherlands.

Fabrics - The leading spandex/elastane brand in the world

  • Fabrics for General Apparel
  • Workwear Fabric
  • Industrial Fabric

The Fabric Unit is equipped with an integrated production system that covers yarn production, fabric weaving, dyeing and post-processing, and focuses on developing highly functional high-tech products. The unit’s main products include garment fabric, workwear fabric and non-garment fabric. The garment fabric uses a functional fiber to produce waterproof and water-permeable, ultra light, sweat-absorbing and fast-drying, ecological, cooling, light and thermal, elastic tricoat, and fireretardant materials. The workwear fabric includes highly durable and functional work suits, fireretardant products such as aramid and modacrylic, highly durable dust-free garments worn in clean rooms, highly robust nylon and protective wear and military fabrics made of para-aramid. The fabrics for non-apparel products include Finestar®, comprehensive lineup of cleaner fabric using microfiber. The unit manufactures and sells lens and display cleaners, clean room wipers for semiconductor and other electronics manufacturing and household cleaners. In addition, the unit develops and supplies its highly robust fabrics using the nylon high-tenacity fiber RobicTM and highly durable and protective case fabrics Hyskin™.

Dyed - A Leader in South Korea's Dye-Processing Industry Equipped with the Finest Facilities

  • Spandex fabric
  • Mixed fabric
  • Polyester fabric

As the leader in the domestic dye-processing sector, we have the largest production facility in Korea, with a dyeing capacity of 2.5 million yards per month. Our major dyed products include nylon 2-Way spandex, polyester 2-Way spandex, multiple microdenier fiber, cotton union cloth and polyester fabrics. We have the largest production facility in Korea, dyeing 700,000 yards of nylon 2-Way woven spandex per month. In addition, the quality of our dyeing process for nylon has been enhanced through various additional processes such as buffing, sanforization and gassing. As such, the quality of our products has been recognized both in Korea and overseas.

Steel - Steel Specialist Pioneering around the world

  • Steel & Metal Ⅰ : Hot-rolled Coils, Wire Rods, Cold-Rolled Coils, Galvanized Steel Coils, Steel Plate, Electrical Steel, Tin Plate, PPGI, steel raw and subsidiary material, steel processing machinery/equipment, etc.
  • Steel & Metal Ⅱ : Hot-rolled Coils, Wire Rods, Cold-Rolled Coils, Galvanized Steel Coils, Steel Plate, Electrical Steel, Tin Plate, PPGI, steel raw and subsidiary material, steel processing machinery/equipment, etc.

Steel PU exports products made by South Korea's major steel companies including POSCO, Hyundai Steel, Hyundai Hysco, Dongbu Steel, SeAH Steel, SeAH Besteel, SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel, Dongkuk Steel and Union Steel. Steel PU is strengthening its export and import partnerships with clients all over the world by providing superb services and products including special steel, steel related raw materials, and steel processing equipment. Steel PU deals in steel products including hot rolled coils, wire rods, cold rolled coils, coated steel sheets, steel plates, electrical steel sheets, stainless steel hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils, stainless steel wire rods, bars, channels, and special steel, as well as steel related raw materials and steel processing equipment. The skilled workforce at Steel PU are determined to work harder to further strengthen our import and export partnerships with our clients all over the world through provision of expert technical information about our products as well as of top-notch services, so we and our clients can increase profits and prosper together.

Chemicals - The leader in chemical trading, providing the best service to satisfy customers

  • Synthetic Fiber Material : TPA, PX, PET Chip, PSF
  • Plastic Products : PP, PE, ABS, PS, PVC, etc.
  • Precision Chemicals : MDI, TDI, ECH, BPA, PIA, NPG, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, etc.
  • Chemical Products for Mining and Lighting : Concentrates (gold concentrates, coal concentrates, zinc concentrates, copper concentrates, and antimony concentrates), NaCN, Zinc Dust
  • Fertilizer and Other : AMSUL, UREA, NPK, TiO2, etc.

Chemical Products PU makes contributions to customer satisfaction and is diversifying its product range through the global network of Hyosung. It is also committed to developing and fostering chemical products for a future growth industry. In addition to traditional chemicals such as petrochemical products, fine chemicals and agricultural chemicals, Chemical Products PU also trades ore resources such as concentrates and basic materials. By expanding the range of chemicals traded and vitalizing three-party trades, Chemical Products PU continues to aim at achieving its vision of becoming a leading chemical trading company that offers the highest level of customer satisfaction services.

LED - An LED Industry Leader That Provides Energy Saving Solutions

  • A Provider of Total LED Solutions

The LED Business Division exports uniquely designed high-quality LED lighting and application products for household, industrial and commercial purposes to various parts of the world, providing total solutions that are optimized for a wide range of user environments and needs. It has also contributed to augmenting Hyosung’s future value by carrying out various LED lighting-based energy solutions projects as an eco-friendly, low-carbon growth partner for customers.

Some Sevit - The World's First Floating Cultural Space and a Landmark of Seoul

Built upon a body that can float on the water, Some Sevit consists of three islands — Gavit, Chavit, and Solvit — and a performance stage called Yevit. Some Gavit houses a convention hall optimized for holding MICE events such as international conferences, corporate events, banquets and ceremonies, as well as an Italian restaurant, pubs, and cafés with a delightful view of the Han River. Some Chavit is equipped with various facilities including Chavit Cuisine and shops for ice cream, bread, coffee and tea, and souvenirs. Some Solvit is establishing itself a unique cultural space on the Han River by holding exhibitions and cultural events. In addition, Some Sevit also features water leisure facilities such as yachts and tubesters, adding to the fun had by visitors. Hyosung is working hard to make Some Sevit a landmark representative of Seoul.

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Gwangju Frozen Storage Warehouse -An Urban Cold/Frozen Storage Warehouse Serving as a Logistics Hub

Located a short distance from major markets in the Seoul Metropolitan Area, Hyosung Gwangju Frozen Storage Warehouse is an urban cold/frozen storage warehouse that serves as a logistics hub. In keeping with our motto, “Hyosung Way,” Hyosung Gwangju Frozen Storage Warehouse is working hard to satisfy our customers. Having acquired ISO9001 and HACCP certifications (from July 26, 2005 to July 25, 2008), Gwangju Frozen Storage Warehouse is doing its utmost to ensure safe storage of food. In addition, it has installed emergency electricity generators in case of power outages and has also taken out fire insurance that covers up to 60 billion KRW’s worth of loss and damage to ensure the safeguarding of the properties of our clients. The warehouse is equipped with facilities such as a freezer room, a cold room, a cryogenic room, and a quick freezer room, and it can accommodate up to 20 vehicles at the same time.

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