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Polyester Fiber Bussiness Division

As the leader in the domestic polyester fiber manufacturer, Hyosung produces various and differentiated polyester yarns from regular yarns to high functional specialty yarns in order to create high values for customers.
As the result of restless efforts to materialize customer needs and create differentiated product markets, Hyosung has developed high technology intensive yarn including cotton-replicating polyester yarn (cotna), cool touch yarn (askin), odor-resistant yarn (freshgear), heat generating yarn (aeroheat), latent crimped yarn (Xanadu) and far-infrared yarn (aerogear). Hyosung has recently enhanced the development of eco-friendly fibers by launching the first recycled polyester fiber in Korea, regen, strengthen it's position as an eco-conscious company by obtaining Eco-Mark from the Japan Environment Association as well as GRS (Global Recycle Standard) from CONTROL UNION in Netherlands.

Major Products

Products Image
freshgear, the deodorizing fabric removing unpleasant scent from daily activities or sports activities, removes the source of unpleasant scents with embedded special minerals allowing consumers to experience its semi-permanent deodorization effect.
aeorlight is a lightweight product with excellent moisture absorbent / fast drying function created by its C-type hollow-core and multi filament structure. Applicable for all four seasons, with an excellent soft touch.
aeroheat EXaeroheat EX
aeroheat EX is a heat generating polyester fiber that absorbs light to radiate thermal energy. Provides semi-permanent features of warmth and comfort with lightweight.
askin provides opacity and UV protection from its unique multi-lobal structure and differentiated polymer, along with a cool touch in summer. It features excellent proofing (woven fabric), opacity, wind shield effect and softness.
cotna is a cotton like polyester yarn with the touch of a natural fiber, and easy care function. It preserves the touch and absorption of a natural fiber while improving shape stability, pilling and moisture management.
regen is recycled from post consumer wastes of PET bottles, and is an environmentally friendly product by remarkably reducing carbon dioxide emission and landfill waste, while conserving petroleum resources.
prizma has superior color fastness to regular polyester and nylon products, dyeable at low temperatures under normal pressure. With extreme durability against dyeing and washing, prizma exhibits vivid colors.
aerogear emits far infrared radiation through special minerals embedded in yarn, assisting greater blood circulation by taking advantage of the far infrared’s inherent feature of increasing blood flow rates. Aerogear also features a moisture absorbent / fast drying function with its special cross-sectional structure.
aerocool presents rapid moisture absorbance and prolific drying function through the micro channels formed around its surface. As the representative functional yarn, aerocool maintains the optimal conditions for sports and leisure activities.
aerosilver is a next generation multi-functional fiber providing moisture absorbent / fast drying function with antimicrobial effects. Aerosilver is a universal yarn applications range from intimate wear to sportswear.
xanadu provides comfort with its excellent stretch & recovery, with superior wrinkle resistance and durability over spandex, as an easy-care high-functional yarn.
m2 is a micro fiber produced by direct spinning technology that eliminates de-weighting process. Negating loss throughout the production process and less waste water concludes a significant cost saving and environmentally friendly product.

Nylon Fiber Bussiness Division

Hyosung is one of the world's best manufacturers of nylon textile filament, is loved by customers around the world for its nylon fibers of outstanding quality and a variety of functions, all based on production know-how accumulated over 50 years. Based on TOPLON, synthetic yarn applicable to high-quality innerwear, sportswear and industrial materials, Hyosung's line of high-functional yarn sales includes micro-fine denier yarn (MIPAN fine & soft), nylon polyester composite yarn (MIPAN XF), conductive yarn (MIPAN corona), bonding yarn (MIPAN glurex), high tenacity yarn (MIPAN robic), hollow yarn (MIPAN robic-air), and newly developed materials of cool touch yarn (Aqua-x), high luster yarn (Rexy), heat generating yarn (MIPAN Aeroheat), and far-infrared yarn (MIPAN fit). Capitalizing from its efforts to reduce energy, Hyosung has launched the world's first ever environmentally friendly recyclable nylon, 'MIPAN regen', and is leading the world to a better place through resource recycling.

Major Products

Product Image
MP_aeroheatMIPAN aeroheat
MIPAN, consistently pursuing originality and comfort, developed with the sophisticated and innovative material of nylon, always provides comfortable and soft feelings and sensitive pleasure.
MP_aqua-XMIPAN aqua-X
The world’s first cool touch functional yarn providing UV protection and moisture absorbent / fast drying function, optimal for summer activities under sweaty and sunny conditions.
MP_fine & softMIPAN fine & soft
Fine denier per filament nylon preserving the original lightweight feel and superior comfort while providing applicability to more lighter and fine fabrics.
MP_rexyMIPAN rexy
MIPAN rexy has super sparkling and glistening luster (pearl) with good drapery and beautiful color
MP_regenMIPAN regen
MIPAN regen is recycled from waste yarn and waste chips from polymerization. It is an environmentally friendly product accredited by the Netherland company CONTROL UNION under the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).
MP_fitMIPAN fit
Performance nylon that emits far infrared radiation through special minerals embedded in yarn, assisting greater blood circulation by taking advantage of the far infrared’s inherent feature of increasing blood flow rates.
MP_robicMIPAN robic
High tenacity textile yarn for durable garments and luggage including apparel for rock climbing, motor sports, workwear, with recent expansion to extreme sports.
MP_robic-airMIPAN robic-air
Preserving the durability and tenacity of robic, while displaying lightweight features through its hollow cross section.
MP_glurexMIPAN glurex
MIPAN glurex melts at much lower temperatures than other conventional fibers, which allows it to provide and adhesive bond to the fibers without damaging the fiber or textile, and escalating the bonding strength and providing stability in the shape of fiber.
MP_coronaMIPAN corona
MIPAN corona is a conductive yarn containing carbon, providing a semi-permanent antistatic function.
MP_fine HTMIPAN fine HT
MIPAN fine HT features superior tear strength for thin & lightweight fabrics and has excellent durability.
MIPAN XF is a unique conjugated yarn made of nylon/polyester fibers, with a denier per filament of 0.2 creating a micro powder touch in woven products.
Mipan duo mixed two polymers with a special technique and it enabled Mipan duo to create a stripe melange.
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