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Fabric Unit

Hyosung’s fabric business is now focusing on the development of various high-functional and high-technology products, capitalizing on its manufacturing expertise in the area of yarns, knitting, weaving, and processing. Fabrics for general clothes include fabrics with outstanding functions and quality, which offer a range of properties including quick-drying, water-resistance, water-repellence, ultra lightweight, eco-friendly, cool feeling, heat retention, elastic tricoat, and flame retardation. Our workwear fabrics include functional workwear with excellent durability, surgical gowns and surgical draping, clean room anti-dust cloths, high-strength nylon with excellent anti-flame yarn durability such as aramid and modachrylic fiber, and protection wear and fabric for military use using high-strength nylon and para-aramid fiber.
In terms of our fabrics for non-garment use, we have a large range of products, such as lens/display cleaners, Clean Room Wiper products (for use in the production of semi-conductors and other electronic products), and home cleaner products for various purposes, all of which use an ultra micro-fiber. ‘FINESTAR,’ our biggest brand in cleaner products, is recognized for its high quality and value. In addition, we offer our high-strength yarn ‘RobicTM,’ high tear strength from coating finish, and high wear-resistant strength for outdoor or travel bags. Hyosung also developed ‘HyskinTM,’ which is used for cases of mobile electronic devices, a product that has been adopted by customers worldwide. Fabrics for cases include materials for the outer cover and microfiber materials for the inner cover, providing both external beauty and protective functions.

Major Products

Major Products Image
Garment Fabric Category
Functional Sportswear & Outdoorwear
Various fabrics made of aerocool, askin, aerowarm,
aerosilver, regen, xanadu 55, aerocool-n and m2 fiber.
Protective Workwear
Medical wear, protective wear, heavy industry, high-visibility, flame retardant, stab resistance, military, government office, corporate uniform, clean room, school uniform, etc.
Non-Garment Fabric Category
Cleaner (FINESTAR)
Micro fiber cleaning products for lens and display cleaner, Industrial clean room wiper, etc.
Upholstery FR black out, upholstery, roll screen, curtain fabrics using FR fiber, etc.

Dyeing Unit

As the leader in the domestic dye-processing sector, we have the largest production facility in Korea, with a dyeing capacity of 2.5 million yards per month. Our major dyed products include nylon 2-Way Spandex, polyester 2-Way Spandex, multiple microdenier fiber, cotton union cloth and polyester fabrics. We have the largest production facility in Korea, dyeing 700,000 yards of nylon 2-Way woven Spandex per month. In addition, the quality of our dyeing process for nylon has been enhanced through various additional processes such as buffing, sanforization and gassing. As such, the quality of our products has been recognized both in Korea and overseas.

Major Products

Product Image
Nylon 2-Way Spandex and Polyester 2-Way Spandex Dyeing
Suede Micro Fabrics
Sea Island PET Suede, PET Co-PET Micro Fiber and P/NP Suede Dyeing
Union Cloth
The Cotton-Blended C/N, N/C, C/P and P/C Products Dyeing
Polyester Fabrics
Dyes the DEWSPO Brands which are used in Multipurpose Sports Wear

Furthermore, we perform additional processes such as buffing, sanforizing and gassing to boost the product functionality a step further.

Address HQ : (04144) 119 Mapodaero, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Gongdeok-dong)
Daegu Plant : (42701) 45 55-gil, Seongseogongdan-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu-si (Jang-dong)