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Wind Energy Business Division - A leader in the eco-friendly, greeen industry

A wind turbine uses wind, a natural energy source. Wind energy is eco-friendly generation system, without any polluting substances and can be a replacement of fossil fuels. It is also an economical source of power, and is, of course, infinite supply. Hyosung developed a wind turbine in order to contribute to the world’s energy and environmental industries. Since the mid 1990s, the company has actively pursued the development of wind turbine, already having established the best technologies in the major component devices of wind turbine, including gearboxes, generators, controllers and towers. As a leading company in conducting domestic wind power generation projects, in 2006, the company’s reliability and security was established by successfully completing the development and commercialization of Korea’s first geared type 750kW wind turbine.

It also has completed the development of its 2MW wind turbine, which is under demonstration in Gangwon Province and Jeju Island, Korea. With this flagship model, it is planning to penetrate not only into the Korean market but also into the overseas markets such as Asia, Australia, Americas and Europe. Furthermore, Hyosung is expanding its model lineup via the development of the 5.XMW offshore wind turbine and it is aiming at one of the top wind turbine players in the future, based on its technical capabilities in wind turbine component devices and comprehensive engineering capabilities.

Product Range

Product Range Image
  1. 750kW
  2. - Rated Output : 750kW
  3. - Rotor Diameter : 50m
  4. - Tower Height : 49m
    (Hub height : 50m)
  5. - Start-up Wind Velocity : 3.5m/s
  6. - Cut-out Wind Velocity : 25m/s
  7. - Rated Wind Velocity : 12m/s
  8. 2MW
  9. - Rated Output : 2MW
  10. - Rotor Diameter : 90.6m
  11. - Tower Height : 78m
    (Hub height : 80m)
  12. - Start-up Wind Velocity : 3.5m/s
  13. - Cut-out Wind Velocity : 25m/s
  14. - Rated Wind Velocity : 11~12m/s
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