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Power Systems PU - Leading the global market for heavy electrical machines

Hyosung’s Power Systems Performance Unit provides a full spectrum of power generation, transmission, and distribution services, from design and engineering to the maintenance of equipment and has been building up on cutting-edge information technology resources and developing substation automation systems, such as power monitor and control systems, and early detection and prevention systems.

Such vast product assortment and technical know-how is based our product development history. In 1992, Hyosung was the first in Korea, and the sixth in the world, to develop a 765kV ultra-high voltage (UHV) transformer, and, in 1999, was the first in the world to manufacture the 800kV gas insulated switchgear (GIS), which has put Hyosung on an equal technological ground as its top global competitors.

Having such world-class technology, we established Baoding Hyosung Tianwei Transformer Co., Ltd., a joint venture with the Baoding Tianwei Organization, to hold the largest share of the market in Baoding City, China. This venture was established in 2003, and by the end of we established a production plant producing 11,000 transformers per year. In 2008 we acquired one of the top five companies in quality terms as certified by the Chinese government, Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu.

The Power Systems Performance Unit is continuously striving to secure competitiveness in every aspect of quality, technology, sales, services, and management, in order to satisfy customer needs globally and become a top-tier company in the world by providing customers with the best quality products and services in the power systems sector.

Major Products

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Power Transformers
Hyosung produces all classes of power transformers ranging up to 765kV, meeting the most exacting international standards such as KS, ES, IEC, ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, BS, JIS and JEC. As the sixth manufacturer in the world to develop a 765kV ultra-high-voltage transformer, Hyosung has earned a reputation of having the highest quality for over 40 years.
Oil-immersed Transformers  
The superior quality of this product is testified by a large number of petrochemical projects and other industrial plants all over the world including America, Middle East, and Asia. Hyosung responds to the demanding requirements of customers by developing and manufacturing both eco-friendly and high-efficiency transformers.
Cast Resin Transformers
Hyosung’s cast resin transformer feature compact size, minimized power loss and noise by adopting the latest design techniques. Its high technological standards have been domestically and internationally recognized in numerous projects.
High Voltage Switchgears (GIS & GCB)  
As the first manufacturer in the world to develop a 800kV double-pole GIS, Hyosung provides the most advanced high voltage GIS and GCB with rated voltage from 72.5kV up to 800kV. Its world’s most complex and advanced circuit breaking equipments are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Changwon, Korea.
Control & Protection Panels  
Hyosung’s control & protection panels are suitable for various panel designs and manufactured in compliance with international standards such as IEC, NEMA, and ANSI. Through 3-dimensional design processes, the panels’ electrical and mechanical characteristics are enhanced and various panel types may be manufactured.
Intelligent Electronic Devices
Hyosung offers various digital meters and relays, each tailored to fit customers' specific purposes and necessary functions such as power system protection, control and instrumentation, and communication.
Preventive Diagnostic System
Hyosung’s preventive diagnostic system collects condition data of equipments online by installing various kinds of sensors to prevent major accidents. This system secures the reliable operation of industrial facilities and provides high quality electric power fluently, preventing any operation interruptions beforehand.
Engineering & Solutions 
With condition monitoring and engineering services, Hyosung provides the best total engineering service based on its accumulated experiences for over 40 years. Hyosung works together with customers to increase of the value of their assets.
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