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Industrial Machinery PU - Leading in core parts for industrial machinery

Industrial Machinery Performance Unit plays an important role in key industries around the globe with manufacturing all types of motors, gear units, generators, green energy and industrial machines. The Industrial Machinery Performance Unit has the ability to produce maximum 20MW motors and has an automated production line which is capable of manufacturing more than 40,000 motors in every month. Our accumulated technologies and various experiences have made it possible to develop Turnkey-based engineering projects including ropeway, cogeneration system, test facilities, material handling system, and alternative refueling system. Hyosung confidently performs in developing and manufacturing the most competitive products, and aims at achieving the world’s highest quality and the most advanced technology in 21st century. Efforts in innovating rotary machineries will make significant contributions to create the energy profitability as well as efficiency. Hyosung will serve as a world-leading provider of industrial machinery and plant engineering by focusing on innovative energy conservation, enhanced reliability on new products, and development of new technologies.

Major Products

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Hyosung has been playing a key role in a global industry by providing all types of motors, from low-voltage small motors to ultra-high voltage AC motors. Producing high value AC/DC motors with various know-hows and experiences.
Gear Reducers
With the latest design, engineering and technology analysis, Hyosung manufactures gear reducers, not only for general industrial machines, but also for steel, power generation, cement, rubber and petrochemical facilities. Hyosung provides all kinds of GEARED MOTORS, from Small Geared Motors to Planetaery Gear Reducers and GEAR BOXES.
Hyosung generators has been designed and manufactured by utilizing programs including analysis of a magnetic field and structure and 3D, which has improved reliability of our products. And Hyosung manufactures generators that are required for main sources of electricity in industrial facilities for continuous use or for emergency use. Additionally, they generate stable voltage apart from fluctuation of loads by applying PMG (Permanent Magnetic Generator) system and Thyristor, therefore our generators are solider and easier in operation and maintenance.
Generators and Gearboxes for Wind Turbine
With many years of experiences, Hyosung’s generators and gearboxes have economically optimized design realizing highreliability, extended lifetime and easy maintenance for wind turbine. Hyosung provides the customized technology of generators and gearboxes that are the most powerful, efficient and competitive.
Chemical process Equipment
With various supply references and experiences over years, Hyosung manufactures chemical equipments including towers, columns, reactors, pressure vessels and heat exchangers for petrochemical plants.
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System
Providing the essential electric power for EVs, these charging equipments are now available at the Jeju Smart Grid PR Hall, the Jungmun Lotte Hotel charging station, and Guja-eup Office.
Hyosung manufactures heavy duty overhead crane and coil magnet lifter with high reliability that are used in process of steel manufacturing in steel mill company. Hyosung also manufactures level luffing crane, VLGC (Very Large Gantry Crane), ship loader for the use in shipbuilding and power plants.
Alternative Refueling System
Hyosung’s technologies care much about clean environment of future which puts us creation and development of advanced alternative Refueling System as follows.
  1. CNG Refueling System (Motor/Gas Engine Driven)
  2. - LNG/LCNG Refueling System
  3. - Hydrogen Refueling System for fuel cell vehicle (35/70MPa)
Plant Engineering Service
Hyosung offers optimal plants designed to enhance productivity as well as reduce the production cost with worldclass technology with sufficient Turnkey base system EPC experiences, especially Industry Plant including pharmaceutical/BIO, IT materials, renewable energy, and other industrial areas (HVAC/Clean room, mechanical, process/piping, electrical, instrumental, civil, architectural, etc.).
RopeWay System
Hyosung ropeway, with the best line design method, has engineering capability of electrical, mechanical, architectural and civil works. Having its own technical A/S team, it provides the best service and has the most references of ropeways in domestic market. (NamSan Park, DaeDunSan Provincial Park, KangWon Land, TongYeong, SongAm Space Center)
Energy Solution
Hyosung provides an innovative energy saving plan including Co-generation system, Drive revamping, high efficiency motor/inverter and Child water/Ice storage system etc. for industrial plants with advanced technology and on-going R&D, since development of the first Co-generation system in Korea.

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