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Power & Industrial Systems / Construction - Future electrical grid and eco-friendly construction lead green growth.

Power & Industrial Systems
/ Construction
Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation
(Transmission & Distribution, System & Engineering Solution, New Renewable Energy, Motor & Generators, Industrial Machine, Gear Solutions, Welding Solution, Construction)
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Future electrical grid and eco-friendly construction lead green growth.

Hyosung Heavy Industries is in possession of the world’s best technology in heavy electric equipment, the core of industrial energy. In addition to electric equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers, its motors, generators, gears and industrial pumps receive high regard in the industry, and the company is developing the core technologies necessary for establishing future electrical grids such as energy storage system (ESS), STATCOM and smart grids. Furthermore, the company is actively participating in various construction projects such as housing, business and commercial, civil and environmental, and SOC projects based on its rich history and the trust it has gained.



    An enterprise that is a catalyst in the era of low-carbon green life that allows for both humanity and nature become more sustainable Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems is divided into its heavy industry division which possesses the world’s best technology in heavy electric business and leads the era of low-carbon green life, and also its construction division which helps nurture an environment-friendly housing culture in which both humanity and nature are more sustainable.

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Transmission & Distribution - Core business that leads the global heavy electric machinery market

  • Power Transformer
  • Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer
  • Cast-resin Transformer
  • Shunt Reactor
  • Special Transformer
  • High Voltage Switchgears
  • Medium/ Low Voltage Switchgears
  • HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current transmission)
  • Turnkey Solutions

For the past 50 years, Hyosung Heavy Industries has been playing a leading role in the Korean power transmission and distribution industry by supplying transformers, circuit breakers, and electrical units. It was also able to emerge as a global leader in the area of heavy electric machines -- one of the core energy components -- based on decades of experience in the Korean market. In addition to power systems, Hyosung Heavy Industries is also developing the core technologies necessary for building power network systems for the future such as STATCOM and HVDC.

System & Engineering Solution - Ultimate solution providing highest efficiency

  • Condition monitoring system(Hi CMS)
  • Asset Health Management Solution(AHMS)
  • Power System Maintenance Solution
  • Power Automation Solution
  • Process Automation Solution

Hyosung Heavy Industries is strengthening the competitiveness of not only the transmission and distribution business but also its power automation and smart grid businesses based on power IT such as power monitoring and control systems and prevention and diagnosis systems in order to cope with the changes in the urban environment where the latest smart technologies are being applied.

New Renewable Energy - Creating new future values of the power systems industry

  • Energy Storage System (ESS)
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar EPC
  • Wind Turbine

Hyosung Heavy Industries plays a leading role in the area of green technology by supplying power generation systems for environment-friendly new renewable energy such as ESS, solar inverters, and solar EPC and wind power systems.

Motor & Generators - Leading the market in the field of core products for industrial facilities

  • High Voltage Motor
  • Low Voltage Motors
  • DC Motors
  • Special Motors
  • Commercial Generators
  • Emergency Power Generators

Hyosung Heavy Industries is a global supplier of low-voltage small/medium motors, high-voltage ultra-large motors, super premium energy-saving motors, and special motors with optimal performance that satisfy all the standards of KS, IEC, NEMA, and GOST. Its lineup of power generators includes medium-/high-speed industrial generators, marine generators, and next-generation wind power generators for the production of new renewable energy.

Industrial Machine - Leading the market in the field of core products for industrial facilities

  • Chemical Equipment
  • Filling Station
  • Industrial Gas Supplying System

The high-quality products made by Hyosung Heavy Industries are used in the steel, petrochemical, cement, wind power generation, hydroelectric power, thermal power, sea power, nuclear power, shipbuilding, mining, and defense industries. They include chemical equipment, towers (columns), reactors, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers, which are core facilities used in petrochemical, oil, and gas plants. Other products include industrial gas supply facilities for LPG stations.

Gear Solutions - Leading manufacturer of gears providing the highest reliability and durability

  • Gear Box
  • Geared Motors
  • Special Gear Units

Hyosung Heavy Industries manufactures and supplies a wide range of highly durable gears customized to the needs of wind power stations, thermal power plants, defense industry, steel mills, and cement plants.

Welding Solution - General welding machine maker that leads the industry

  • ARC Welding Machine
  • Resistance Welding Machines
  • Special Spot Welding Machine

As a major manufacturer of welding machines, Hyosung Heavy Industries has been making great contributions to the development of the Korean welding industry. Hyosung strives to meet customers’ demand for higher quality and performance by developing better products.

Construction (Hyosung Harrington Place) - Hyosung Heavy Industries’ own specialized technology is realizing beautiful cities

  • Housing Sector
  • Construction Sector
  • Civil Engineering Sector
  • Industrial Sector

As the first Construction PU that developed a new concept of housing culture by introducing villa type residential buildings in Korea in the 1970s, it is working hard to give customers a surprise beyond customer satisfaction with its differentiated technical competence and construction capability in the residential, construction and industrial sectors. It is creating spaces where nature and technology are in harmony while strictly following all applicable regulations and requirements for the sustainable coexistence of the environment and technology. Construction PU’s representative brand ‘Harrington’ has presented a combined BI with Chinhung International, Inc. (an affiliated company) since 2013.

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