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The Premium Hyosung - Enjoy Hyosung's quality service in finance and the car retail sector.


The Premium Hyosung -As an official dealer of TOYOTA Motor Korea, The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd. is running LEXUS and TOYOTA in the Honam region in the southwestern part of Korea

show customers the pleasure of ownership by creating high-class automobiles, standing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s best cars. Guided by the slogan "The Pursuit of Perfection," it is taking the lead in continuous brand improvement and customer satisfaction.

Main Products & Services

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The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd. is running the LEXUS Gwangju/Jeonju showrooms, TOYOTA Gwangju showroom, and Gwangsan (BP) and Gwangju (3S) service centers, the largest in the Honam region. We are providing LEXUS and TOYOTA customers with high-class differentiated services.
Address (61965) 881 Sangmudaero, Seo-gu, Gwangju-si (Ssangchon-dong)
Homepage www.hyosunglexus.com (Korean)