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Shinwha Intertek Corporation - No.1 Technology Frontier Company

Shinwha Intertek Corporation - We build super top-class brand image on the basis of constant driving force for growth in the display materials area.

Shinwha Intertek Corporation which is the No.1 optical film company in Korea began the display materials business fully in 1983 in the course of developing the TV cathod-ray tube tape. Starting the optical film business for LCD BLU (Back Light Unit) after 2004, the company has grown to be a specialized company in display materials, and was incorporated into the Hyosung Group. Shinwha Intertek Corporation is now a leading company in the market of optical film for LCD BLU carrying on transactions with TV makers and LCD makers over the world including LCD makers in Taiwan, TV SET makers in Japan, 5 major SET makers in the greater China region and VESTEL in Europe as well as SET makers in Korea.
Shinwha Intertek Corporation is releasing various optical film prosucts to the market on the basis of its outstanding technology-developing power, and solidifying its position as a leader through customized R&D. Currently, the company is reacting quickly to changes of customers and markets, operating 4 workplaces domestic and overseas and providing expanded gloabl supply capacity and localized technological solutions, and it is constantly developing high value-added new products to quickly respond to various customer requirements. Also, for expansion of business area, the company began to supply the special functional tape for OLED from February of 2014 as well as the film for LCD, and is preparing a new besiness leap with such next generation items as wide color gamut film, flexible film and OCA.

Business Area

Optical Film for LCD BLU
Shinwha Intertek Corporation is providing the total solution of optical film including Diffuser Sheet, Micro Lens Sheet, Prism Sheet, Smart Sheet and Reflector Sheet which are applied to TV, Monitor, Note PC and LCD Back Light Unit for Mobile, and developed the composite sheet realizing 2~3 sheets with a different function each in 1 sheet for the first time in the world and succeeded in commercialization.

- Diffuser Sheet : SD
- Micre Lens Sheet : PTR, PTD, PTN
- Prism Sheet : PTM
- Smart Sheet : MOP, POP, POM, MOPD, POPD
- Reflector Sheet : SRG, SRQ
Special Functional Tape for OLED
Possessing both the material coating facility and converting facility, Shinwha Intertek Corporation is supplying competitive products through supply chain simplification, and producing various types of tape such as OLED Mobile protection film for damage prevention, balck light shielding tape for light leakage prevention, EMI shield tape for EM wave shielding, thermal conductive tape for solving heating problem and battery repair tape for battery built-in model rework.
Address Head Office & Plant : (31257) Maebong-ro 308, Nyungcheon-myeon, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-shi, Chungnam
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