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Hyosung Toyota - Enjoy Hyosung's quality service in finance and the car retail sector.

Hyosung Toyota - Offering customer satisfaction with the finest cars and service

Hyosung Toyota is an official Toyota dealer that opened its Seocho Showroom in October 2009, which has become renowned for its One-Stop Total Service. The company will take the initiative in contributing to the development of Korea’s automobile culture by offering value that exceeds consumer expectations. As well, the company is doing its utmost to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, as an official Toyota dealer that practices the value and beauty of sharing.

Hyosung is also leading challenges and innovations in various business areas, such as NH Tech Co., Ltd. (concentrating on the maintenance of financial automation devices), Hongjin Data Service Co., Ltd. (the leading apartment house & assembled building management solution market), Hyosung FMS Co., Ltd. (leading in the electronic financial market on the strength of its creative service model), Flossom Corporation (leading the Renaissance Project by developing and operating the ‘Floating Island’ on the Han River), Taean Solar Farm Co., Ltd. (Solar Power System located in Taean, generating 2,300 MWH per year) and Hyosung Wind Power Holdings Co., Ltd. (promoting the wind power business).

Main Products & Services

Hyosung Toyota Building Image
Sales, repair, and inspection service for Toyota vehicles (Camry, Prius, RAV 4, Corolla, etc.)
Address (06671) 43 Banpodaero, Seocho-gu, Seoul-si (Seocho-dong)
Homepage www.hyosungtoyota.com (Korean)