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Other Affiliated Compaines - We are securing various growth engines that will lead the next generation of growth.

Other Affiliated Companies
The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd. | Hyosung Toyota Corporation | The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd. | Forza Motors Korea Corporation - Maserati, Ferrari | Hyosung Premier Motors Corporation | A-Seung Automotive Group | Shinwha Intertek Corporation

Maximizing customer value with innovative textile technology and a global trade network.

Textile business of Hyosung TNC is leading the global chemical fiber industry by supplying fiber, textiles and dye products suchas spandex, nylon, and polyester as well as offering excellent technology, quality and customer service. Furthermore, Trading business, based on a network of more than 50 overseas branches around the world, is offering the highest level of marketing services in various fields centered on steel and chemicals, as well as a wide variety of fields including distribution and logistics, and is continuing to grow in the center of global trading by introducing new products and exploring new markets based on the strength of its rich experience.
  • The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd.

    • As an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd. is guided by its philosophy of being ‘The best or nothing’ (‘Das best oder nicht’).
    • The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd. provides stable, unique services that can only come from a large company that has the trust of and investment by Mercedes-Benz
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  • Hyosung Toyota Corporation

    Hyosung Toyota is the official Toyota dealer in Korea, and it boasts the largest accumulated sales record among Korean dealers since its foundation in 2009

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  • The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd.

    The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd. is an official dealer of Toyota Motor Korea, selling Lexus and Toyota cars in the southwestern region of Korea. Lexus provides ‘the pleasure of ownership’ following its mission ‘to make premium cars comparable only to the best in the world.’ Guided by the slogan ‘Experience Amazing,’ it is taking the lead in continuous brand improvement and customer satisfaction

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  • Forza Motors Korea Corporation - Maserati

    Official Maserati Importer and Dealer of Korea

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  • Forza Motors Korea Corporation - Ferrari

    Forza Motors Korea Corporation - Ferrari

    Official Ferrari Importer and Dealer of Korea

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  • Hyosung Premier Motors Corporation

    Hyosung Premier Motors is the official dealer for Jaguar and Land Rover in Busan, Ulsan, Pohang and Suncheon.

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  • A-Seung Automotive Group

    A- seung Automotive Group is the sole Korean importer of complete automobiles and tuning parts from world-renowned tuning brands including Brabus, ABT, Tech Art, and AC Schnitze.

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  • Shinwha Intertek Corporation

    The market leader in optical films for LCD BLU

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