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Nautilus Hyosung PU - Hyosung's endless challenge into the world creates new legends.

Nautilus Hyosung PU - The leading ATM brand

Nautilus Hyosung has been a pioneering force in the development of financial services and ATM technologies. With over three decades of experience, Nautilus Hyosung is well on its way to become a world-class financial solution provider.
Nautilus Hyosung’s financial services industry products are widely used throughout Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Nautilus Hyosung products feature state of the art technology and comply with global standards to ensure efficiency, convenience and security. Through Nautilus Hyosung’s vertically integrated business model, all core technologies are created in-house, thereby enabling Nautilus Hyosung to be a truly customer-centric company uniquely suited to serve customers with even the most demanding applications.

Main Products & Services

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Recycling ATM
With our in-house designed and manufactured bill recycling machine, Nautilus Hyosung has introduced a next generation ATM that will considerably reduce cash management costs and enhance ATM availability by minimizing cash replenishment needs.
- Monimax 8100, Monimax 8000, Monimax 8000T
Full Function ATM
Equipped with both a depository unit and dispensing unit, our full function ATMs come with the latest deposit automation technology for instant deposit and crediting of deposited notes or checks in bundled.
- Monimax 7600, Monimax 7600T, Monimax 7600D, Monimax7600I
Stand Alone Deposit
Nautilus Hyosung’s stand alone deposit units provide financial institutions with cost effective measures and provide much needed convenience to customers with round-the-clock automated deposit service.
- Monimax 6300, Monimax 6600
Cash Dispenser
Nautilus Hyosung’s cash dispenser ATM’s provides reliable solution with cost competitiveness in the various locations.
- NH 1800, NH 2100T, NH 2700
- Monimax 5000, Monimax 5300, Monimax 5600, Monimax 5600T
With sidecar options and various value-added, revenue driving features such as bill payment, mobile top-up, check cashing and prepaid card dispensing, Nautilus Hyosung kiosk units provide an additional wealth of features beyond cash dispensing and depositing.
- Monimax 9000
- Monimax 5300 with sidecar, Monimax 5000 with sidecar
MoniPlus (ATM Operation software)
With over 50,000 MoniPlus software installations around the world, MoniPlus is an excellent choice to start immediate
deployment. MoniPlus supports NDC, DDC, ISO8583 and various message protocols in addition to standard ATM transactions, including intelligent deposit automation (bundle note, checks, cash recycling) and various multimedia
applications and payment services. It offers a user friendly supervisor mode, RKT (Remote Key Transfer) and EMV Level 2. It supports any windows based ATM running on CEN/XFS 3.0 platform.
MoniManager (ATM Management Solution)
MoniManager is an intelligent ATM management solution which offers a full package of functions required for the highly efficient and effective operation of ATM fleets. MoniManager’s remote control feature helps minimize cost by remotely managing ATMs without human intervention. MoniManager’s main functions include fault management, marketing and location management, remote operations, cash management, security management and statistical reports.
ISO (Independent Sales Organization)
Operating under the brand name of ‘MyCashZone’, Nautilus Hyosung is the biggest ISO (Independent Sales Organization) in Korea, and provides round-the-clock service for various public installations. MyCashZone provides not only cash withdrawal, transfer, loan and payment service through links with financial institutions, but also various other convenient services, such as ticket purchasing, mobile gift certificate purchasing and mileage accumulation
ATM Total Outsourcing
Nautilus Hyosung provides Total ATM outsourcing services from machine operation to maintenance. Nautilus Hyosung also established a professional security system and organization in Korea, and manages faults and cash transports safely around the clock. This allows bank branches to reduce the burden of operating automated machines so they can concentrate on their core activities. Additionally, both investments and costs related to automated machine operation will be greatly reduced.
Address HQ : (06349) Suseo Bldg, 281, Gwangpyeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Suseo-dong)
Gumi Plant : (39416) 179-15 Okgye2gongdanro, Gumi-si, Gyeongbuk (Gupo-dong)
Homepage www.nautilus.hyosung.com