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Hyosung ITX - Business solutions partner that grows with customers

Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. is an IT service company which provides customers with the optimized business environment, on the basis of cloud computing technology and large scale IT infrastructure.
Under the market environment that IT competitiveness is business competitiveness, Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. provides customers with futuristic integrated IT service including not only cloud service with assured flexibility and expandability but also core IT resources (server, storage, wireless network) and fast and stable contents transmission service (CDN).
This company also provides one-stop service necessary for overall business, from contact center which manages communication channel with customers to the display solution enabling effective video realization.
This company has large scale IT infrastructure with servers and racks, and a contact center business place which accommodates 7,000 people, and is expanding R&D and investment for strengthening the cloud solution. Since the foundation, Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. has been realizing continuous sales and profit growth, and will lead IT market through continuous expansion of cloud business.

Main Products & Services

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Cloud Computing
Providing from Public Cloud to Private Cloud, Hyosung ITX’s cloud service is applicable for any kind of system and can satisfy various customer requirements. As it can reduce the storage introduction/extension cost and set up an adequate storage capacity even for unpredictable data variation, it has high resource efficiency. Hyosung ITX possesses patents for virtualization technology which is a core technology of cloud, and is expanding the cloud business on the basis of its large scale IT infrastructure and R&D organization.
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
This is the service that makes quick and stable transmission of bulk storage digital contents such as movie, music, image and game on the basis of super high speed backbone net and data center with stable power supply, and it is servicing more than a thousand domestic customers.
SI (System Integration) & SM (System Maintenance)
This is an integrated IT service business that provides from preparing a strategy to design and maintenance for building the optimal information infrastructure in diverse areas such as data center extension/rebuilding for public institutions and companies, information communication network building and integrated control. Operating and managing customer’s IT system for 24 hours and 365 days by fully using engineering manpower, Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. also provides consulting service for System Architecture design.
Contact Center
Hyosung ITX provides Total Solutions for effective CRM business, from consulting for introduction and operation of contact center to its building and provision of operation knowhow for each area, for ordinary client companies and government institutions. Hyosung ITX’s contact center business is recording No.1 market share for several years and is being expanded with government’s employment creation policy.
Display Solution
This is the service providing Projector and Digital Cinema devices and solutions for effective image realization. The Demand for digital cinema devices is growing, as needs for high quality image service are growing in all areas and government policies require. As new products are released in series satisfying diverse requirements of consumers, the projector sector is showing good performance in the fields of education and simulation.
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