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Galaxia Device - Hyosung's endless challenge into the world creates new legends.


Galaxia Device - Trailblazer in IT parts materials

Galaxy Device has grown as a leader in the IT parts and materials market of rollers for cellular phone key pads, ATMs, and special rubbers for TV and LEC modules, through ceaseless R&D and efforts to improve manufacturing technologies. The company manufactures core parts for terminals and diverse OA equipment such as mobile phones, PDAs, Key phones, Remote controllers, and more. In particular, the company has been building its reputation, as it is equipped with a world-class level of competitiveness in areas ranging from design, development, mold manufacturing, manufacturing (core process internalization) to quality guarantee, etc. Furthermore, with the aim of reaching the global top 10 in the LED market, which has rising as a next-generation, eco-friendly light source, the company is doing its utmost to develop LEDs that meet customer needs by continuously investing in the R&D of LEDs for indoor and outdoor lighting, Blu LED for TV, and LED for automobiles.

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Touch Panel, Keypad, Roller, Rubber
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