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Galaxia Communications - Hyosung's endless challenge into the world creates new legends.


Galaxia Communications - The company that leads high-tech lifestyles

Galaxia Communications offers Transaction, Information, and Entertainment solutions based on wired and wireless networks. The company’s main businesses include Electronic Payment solutions that can be established and provided, Mobile Marketing that contributes to increased customer sales by planning and providing various marketing means in the mobile environment, a Multimedia Solution that produces, transforms, transfers, and distributes multimedia contents of various specifications at the best quality and a minimal cost in a wired or wireless network environment, Social Commerce that enables people to experience new products or stores at over 50% discounted prices through viral marketing using social networks, and ASP (Application Service Provider) which enables the end-users to experience various multimedia contents such as music, movies, and entertainment based on the wired and wireless platforms of domestic telecommunication companies. Moreover, the company does its utmost to offer more secure services for customers by managing the New Media Research Institute, where key technologies in the production and transmission multimedia contents, from the original Codec technology developed in 1994 to today’s HD image service, are researched and developed.

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Electronic Payment Service, Mobile Marketing, Multimedia Solution, Mobile ASP, New Media Research Center, Social Commerce

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