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Maximizing customer value with innovative textile technology and a global trade network.

Textile business of Hyosung TNC is leading the global chemical fiber industry by supplying fiber, textiles and dye products suchas spandex, nylon, and polyester as well as offering excellent technology, quality and customer service. Furthermore, Trading business, based on a network of more than 50 overseas branches around the world, is offering the highest level of marketing services in various fields centered on steel and chemicals, as well as a wide variety of fields including distribution and logistics, and is continuing to grow in the center of global trading by introducing new products and exploring new markets based on the strength of its rich experience.
  • Hyosung TNS Inc.

    Hyosung TNS Inc.

    • Korea’s No. 1 ATM market leader, exporting to more than 30 countries
    • No.1 in the United States and Indonesian ATM markets
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  • Hyosung Information Systems

    Hyosung Information Systems

    • A comprehensive ICT service provider covering both hardware and software
    • Establishment of efficient ICT environment that supports successful business innovation of clients
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  • Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd.

    Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd.

    • Having Big data technology and large-scale IT Infrastructure
    • Provides total business solution from IT Service to Contact Center
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  • Galaxia Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Galaxia Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Professional manufacturer of LED display systems, construction landscape lighting and LED lighting equipment

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  • Galaxia Communications Co., Ltd.

    Galaxia Communications Co., Ltd.

    A leading company in the comprehensive financial platform service sector of the FinTech market

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  • Galaxia Device Co., Ltd.

    Galaxia Device Co., Ltd.

    Mobile device parts-based ATM roller and Unit manufacturing

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