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Using its own production facilities for everything from yarn to finished products, Hyosung Swan Carpet has developed into the nation’s best carpet brand since its launch in 1983, boasting the largest domestic market share in the carpet and automotive interior material market.
Thanks to the Hyosung’s best-quality management system, Hyosung carpets have acquired ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, KS, and eco-friendly certification in Korea, as well as passing quality tests in South Korea, the United States and China.
As the market leader in high-quality products, Hyosung has developed the nation’s first hollow nylon yarn and continues to provide a range of differentiated products.
Hyosung Swan Carpet is made using dedicated production facilities, the largest in Korea, to supply products of the desired color and design to the desired place within the shortest time, handling everything from yarn to finished products.
Exporting its products to many countries across the world, including Japan, Australia, China and Southeast Asia, Swan Carpet is committed to leading the market trends through continuous efforts.

Major Products

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Automotive Carpet
Automotive Floor Carpet
Automotive floor carpets are installed in the entire floor of a car. The product features excellent durability as it is made of BCF(Bulked Continuous Filament) materials and noise performance while driving thanks to its superior noise absorption and insulation.
Supplying its automotive floor carpets to leading carmakers for their domestic and export cars, Hyosung has been recognized for the superior quality of its products.
Option Mat
Installing an optional mat can further reduce noise inside a car and prevent contamination by dirt or soil.
Hyosung automotive floor carpets come in various sizes, colors and patterns for each vehicle type.
Carpet Yarn
Kayan-H (Nylon Hollow BCF)
Kayan-H is the nation’s first Hollow Nylon BCF yarn and was developed based on Hyosung’s accumulated yarn technology.
Kayan-H features enhanced contamination-resistance with its minimal yarn surface area.
Kayan-T (Nylon BCF)
Kayan-T is the nation’s first Nylon BCF yarn to be exclusively for carpets and was developed by Hyosung in 1979 based on its unmatched Nylon yarn production capabilities in Korea.
Proyan (PP BCF)
Proyan is a PP BCF yarn exclusively for carpets which has excellent bulky character after tufting.
Proyan’s color is vivid and remains in its original state even in challenging conditions, such as under frequent washing or strong light.
Carpets for Commercial Use
Tile Carpet
Tile Carpets are available in 500×500mm size and are mainly fitted to offices with their easy installation and easy maintenance.
Roll Carpet
Roll Carpets create a luxurious atmosphere and are widely used in places requiring luxurious interior effects, such as hotels and banquet halls.
Address HQ : (04144) 119 Mapodaero, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Gongdeok-dong)
Anyang Plant : (14080) 74 Simindaero, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do(Hogye-dong)
Daejeon Plant : (34302) 90 18 Beongil, Munpyeongseoro, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon-si(Munpyeongdong)