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The market leader, supplies airbags and airbag fabrics to the automobile industry.

Global Safety Textiles GmbH (“GST” hereafter), located in Maulburg, Germany, is the world’s leading airbag textile producer that supplies fabric and cushion to the automobile industry.

Global footprints of 4 continents, 7 countries in Germany, Poland, Romania, Mexico, South Africa, USA and China are set to benefit competitive advantages to GST - 75% of employees are positioned in low cost countries to possess a highly competitive cost structure and know-how intensive proprietary R&D activities & special fabric manufacturing are performing in Germany and USA. The Company employs state-of-the-art technologies such as laser cutting and highly automated weaving processes to cover the entire airbag value chain from warping to airbag module assembly. In addition, GST’s long-standing customer base comprises global Tier-1 automotive safety providers that GST possesses more than 30% of market share for OPW in Europe / North America and fabric in Europe.

Due to the rapid growth of automotive market including higher airbag installations, GST will also intensively target developing countries such as China, India, and Brazil in order to become an overwhelming global leader in the airbag textile business.

Major Products

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Global Safety Textiles
GST’s logo resembles the human body being safely surrounded and protected by our core products – airbags and technical textiles. The brand Global Safety Textiles also conveys our commitment and dedication to providing innovative ideas, high quality products, a dynamic way of work as well as speed, reliability and flexibility to our customer demands all over the globe.
Airbag Flat Fabric & Cushion
Flat woven fabric with single layered weaving is employed to produce frontal (driver and passenger) airbags. Installation of frontal airbags to vehicles has become an automobile standard in most developed countries and also has expanded its market to developing countries as well - it is one of biggest growing market in airbag industry. After cutting process of flat fabrics by state-of-the-art laser equipment, expertly trained employees and extremely versatile sewing facility produce cushions with the highest standard of quality.
Airbag One Piece Woven (OPW)
OPW with the advanced and special technology is to produce the side curtain airbag cushion by using multi-layered fabric at weaving stage. Side curtain airbags are activated by side-on collisions, and are designed to protect the head, shoulders and chest of front and rear occupants. The unique feature of OPW side curtain airbags is that they stay inflated for several seconds, ensuring that vehicle occupants are restrained effectively in the event of multiple impacts.
Address Headquarter : Höllsteiner Strasse 25 79689 Maulburg, Germany
Germany Plant : Murgtalstraße 29 DE-79730 Murg, Germany
Poland Plant : Ul.Legionow 202/210 Pl-42-200 Czestochowa, Poland
S. Africa Plant : 19 Kelly Rd, Hammarsdale 3700 Kwazulu Natal, S. Africa
China Plant : Jinlin Road, Changshu Southeast Economic Zone 215522 Changshu, Jiangsu, China
Mexico Plant : Calle Pedro Loyola #1063-A 22890 Col. Carlos Pacheco, Mexico
USA Plant : 1556 Montgomery Street South Hill, VA 23970, USA
Romania Plant : Str. Mihai Viteazu nr 92 RO-545400 Sighisoara, Romania
Homepage http://www.global-safety-textiles.com