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Carbon for Better World

The 21st century has required structural designers to reduce weight and conserve energy. This has resulted in carbon fiber composites as the primary material solution of choice due to the extraordinary material properties carbon fibers offer. Market applications for Carbon Fiber include aerospace, industrial, marine, automotive and sport/leisure goods.

The successfully developed High Performance Grade carbon fiber is composed of High Strength Grade (tensile strength of 4.9 GPa, modulus of elasticity of 250 GPa) and Intermediate Modulus Grade (tensile strength of 5.5 GPa, modulus of elasticity of 290 GPa). These are the core grade products occupying more than 70% of the carbon fiber demand in the world and widely used for various industries, sports/leisure and airplanes.

To satisfy the increasing demand for carbon fiber that is forecasted to grow by 10% - 15% per year, Hyosung will be increasing annual production capacity of carbon fiber for High Strength and Intermediate Modulus fibers by an additional 2,000 MT at the start of 2013. Hyosung plans to grow and become a Leading manufacturer in carbon fiber production by 2020. During this time Hyosung research and development will build upon their existing fiber technology in order to bring new carbon fiber products to meet the needs of their customers.

Major Products

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TANSOME® is a combination of 'tanning', the burning step in the carbon fiber production process, and 'something special', and has the meaning of creating added value.

- Industrial Applications : automotive parts, wind blades, pressure vessels, construction, etc.
- Sports/leisure Applications : golf shafts, fishing rods, rackets, premium bikes, marine, etc.
- Aerospace Application : primary/secondary structures, interiors, brake discs, etc.
Address HQ : (04144) 119 Mapodaero, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Gongdeok-dong)
Jeonju Plant : (54849) 886 Girin-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeonbuk (Dongsan-dong)