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Aramid Fiber Division - New growth engine for high-tech, high-value products

Hyosung started the commercial production of aramid fiber in 2009 based on its own technology. Aramid fiber is used in various applications such as protection for army, police (body armour, bulletproof helmet, vehicle armouring), optical cable(reinforcement of optic fiber), rubber reinforcement(hose, belt and tire) and substitute of asbestos(automotive brake pads, lining and gaskets).
Aramid has the excellent tensile strength(five times stronger than steel), the flame retardancy and the excellent modulus. As the safety and environment issues are more concerned, the demand for aramid fiber is continuously increasing. In order to satisfy market’s increasing demand, Hyosung will expand the capacity to 5,000 ton per year by 2021 and diversify its product range to high tenacity , high modulus & staple fiber. With Hyosung’s fiber experience and industrial know-how and technology, the product will be differentiated to adhesion activated yarn, hybrid yarn and high performance fabric through persistant research and development.

Major Products

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The name ALKEX® is created by combining alke, which means ‘protection and power,’ in ancient Greek and ex, as an abbreviated form to express its extreme, expert, and extraordinary qualities. Our name ALKEX® thus conveys our commitment to providing quality products that our customers demand.
Address HQ : (04144) 119 Mapodaero, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Gongdeok-dong)
Ulsan Plant : (44781) 30 Nabdoro, Nam-gu, Ulsan-si (Maeam-dong)