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Industrial Materials - We assure customer safety and satisfaction through optimized cutting-edge materials.

Industrial Materials
Hyosung Advanced Materials Corporation
(Industrial Yarn, Advanced Materials, Tire Reinforcements, Airbag, Carpet)
Global Safety Textiles(GST)

We assure customer safety and satisfaction through optimized cutting-edge materials.

Hyosung Advanced Materials produces high-strength industrial yarn, textiles and cord materials used in automobiles, civil engineering and construction, agriculture, military, etc. It continues to reinforce its capabilities and competitiveness by developing and commercializing products such as tire cords, seatbelt yarn and airbag fabric which are already ranked No. 1 in the global market, and new materials that can lead to sustainable growth.



    An enterprise that places utmost priority on the safety and happiness of customers by leveraging the most advanced materials possible Hyosung Advanced Materials produces industrial materials for various usages and leads the market with products such as tire cords and yarns for automotive seat belts and airbags which own the largest share of the global market. It is also developing the future of materials by supplying state-of-the-art materials such as aramid and carbon fiber.

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Industrial Yarn - The clear leader in the South Korean industrial textile industry which meet customers' needs

  • Polyester Yarn
  • Nylon Yarn
  • Carpet Yarn

The industrial yarns produced by Hyosung Advanced Materials are used in various industries, including the automobile, civil engineering, construction and transportation industries. As the clear leader and the largest company in the South Korean industrial textile industry, we are taking the lead in developing and proposing a variety of products designed to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Advanced Materials - Aramid and carbon fiber developed with Hyosung Advanced Materials’ proprietary technology

  • Aramid Yarn
  • Carbon Materials

In addition to conventional industrial yarns (polyester and nylon), we have also developed and commercialized new materials such as aramid and carbon fiber to meet the changing needs of customers and of industry. The aramid and carbon fiber developed by Hyosung Advanced Materials with our proprietary technology express high tenacity and have the potential to be used in many industrial fields.

Tire Reinforcements - Global No.1 market share of polyester tire cord

  • tire cord
  • Steel cord
  • Bead wire

Hyosung Advanced Materials has been in the tire reinforcements business since 1968 when we became the first Korean company to produce nylon tire cord. As well as polyester tire cord, we also began producing steel cord and bead wire over time and have grown into the global tire reinforcements industry’s largest company equipped with integrated production and supply systems for tire reinforcements, earning the trust of customers all around the world. Hyosung Advanced Materials is globally recognized for the quality and technological capabilities of our products. Our polyester tire cord in particular has been maintaining the largest share of its respective global market, and our products are being supplied to the world's leading tire manufacturers.

Airbag - airbag fabric and cushion maker GST(Global Safety Textiles)

Global Safety Textiles (GST) is an airbag fabric and cushion manufacturer that has close partnerships with major Tier 1 customers around the world.
Since GST possesses all necessary processes for producing airbag fabrics, and cushions, it is possible to respond actively to various customers' needs based on technological capabilities accumulated over a long time.

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Carpet - The best carpet brand boasting the largest market share in South Korea

Swan Carpet is a carpet specialist equipped with production facilities that enable us to produce everything from yarn to finished products on our own. Since starting business operations in 1983, Swan Carpet has become a leading carpet brand with the largest share of the South Korean market for commercial and automotive carpets.

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Other Products - High-pressure Hose Wire and High-strength Conveyor Belt Wire

Hose Wire
- Hose wire is a wire used in the production of high-pressure hoses. Hose wire is knitted in a spiral pattern and then topped with rubber to produce high-pressure hoses. Our hose wire can be used for various types of thermoplastic hoses, from hoses with a 0.25-inch diameter, which is the smallest diameter for hoses, to 3-inch diameter spiral hoses.

Conveyor Belt Wire
- Conveyor belt wire is a cord that constitutes part of a conveyor belt, which is used in automated product onveyance. It is a high-strength wire suitable for conveying products with a variety of shapes and of loads.

  • Global Safety Textiles

    The world’s leading airbag maker that places utmost priority on safety Global Safety Textiles (GST) produces airbags that protect the lives of passengers. With production sites in all major markets of the world, GST is supplying quality products that customers can trust at the right time, and actively contributing to the growth of the airbag industry by continuously developing products that reflect customer needs.

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