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Construction PU - With our long experience and creativity, Hyosung creates a comfortable and green construction culture.

Construction PU - New concept living combining nature and technology

Hyosung Construction Performance Unit, organized with top construction experts, creates a new space culture where nature and technology is harmonized via excellent technology and accumulated know-how. Hyosung introduced villa-type residential buildings for the first time in Korea, which resulted in the creation of a new housing culture suitable to Korean life.
Moreover, the company has been striving to build a comfortable and more convenient life environment. Hyosung Construction Performance Unit considers customers as its top priority, and will make utmost efforts to offer the best quality and value to customers.

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Apartments / Villas
As Hyosung took the initiative in developing the housing culture by actively launching the apartment development project in metropolitan areas and local cities based on its solid experience and technology of civil construction, it now concentrates on the development of ubiquitous houses.
Reconstruction / Redevelopment / Remodeling
Hyosung has been transforming old and time-worn residential environments into a pleasant and efficient space based on its accumulated know-how and new technology development.
Office / Commercial Facilities
Hyosung has built optimum locations and work environments via its excellent development capability and reasonable analysis, and makes a beautiful city landscape with its specialized technical capability.
Leisure Facilities
Hyosung does its best to make customer spare time more abundant by building a new concept of leisure facilities, where they can recharge as wells as simply relax, in places customers find necessary.
Civil Engineering / Electric Facilities
Hyosung consistently carries out civil engineering and electric power projects requiring high technology and actively participates in large-scaled civil engineering projects such as bridges and harbors.
Plant Facilities
Hyosung accumulates the results of professional constructions via plant construction requiring high-level specialty and new technologies.
Address Seoul Office : (06714) 9 Myeongdalo, Seocho-gu, Seoul-si (Bangbae-dong)
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