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Chinhung International, Inc. - With our long experience and creativity, Hyosung creates a comfortable and green construction culture.


Chinhung International, Inc. - Expertise that creates a new architectural culture

Chinhung International, Inc., which was founded in 1959, is a comprehensive construction company concentrating on civil works, building, housing, and plant businesses. The company was incorporated into Hyosung Group in 2008. It established itself as Korea’s representative construction company by its advance into the overseas markets, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Guam in the 1970s, receiving the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit and US$1 Billion Export Tower Award. In the domestic market, it takes part in establishing national infrastructures based on its civil engineering technology obtained from the construction of society-based facilities and long experiences in the construction of various housing and business facilities.
It is making constant efforts to offer the best residential environment for customers via its construction integration brand ‘Harrington Place’. Aiming to enter the top 20 in the construction business by 2013, it is doing its best in both domestic and overseas businesses with Quality Management and Environmental Management taken as catchphrases.

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Civil Works
Hyosung participates in various areas from traffic network construction including the construction of main roads and bridges (Youngdong Highway Construction, Seoul Subway Construction, etc.), from national land development projects including Incheon International Airport site construction, water and sewage piping system construction, to environmentrelated works.
In addition to simple construction works, Hyosung puts more emphasis on high technology and advanced construction methods. MSS (Movable Scaffolding System), a construction method introduced in the Noryang Grand Bridge Project by chinhung domestically for the first time in 1983, is being widely applied to the construction of high-speed railways and main bridges. Accordingly, as environmental and future-oriented projects have expanded in recent days, Hyosung devotes itself to the promotion of various civil works including active participation in cutting-edge eco-friendly projects such as the automatic clean net (an automatic waste collection facility) construction and promising projects such as the lightweight subway construction.
Residential Development
Hyosung creates comfortable places to live, based on its customer-centered philosophy. Developments like Harrington Place set new trends in residential culture by combining artistic value with day-to-day lives.
Construction Business
Hyosung has been accumulating its experience in a wide range of construction projects, including educational facilities, army and government facilities, and urban office and industrial developments. With a logical process and ‘quality-first’ management, Hyosung has been selected as the best builder by many institutions.
Address HQ : #807, 69, Convensia-daero, Yeongsu-gu, Incheon, Korea
Seoul Office : (04332) 27 Huamro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (Huam-dong)
Homepage www.chinhung.co.kr/eng/index.jsp