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HEEC PU - Adding value for the future with environmental business

Hyosung Engineering is the professional EPC contractor which can provide design, construction, and commissioning in the field of environment plant such as waste treatment systems. Hyosung Engineering is also providing the solution to reduce greenhouse gases and generate the electricity power by using incineration system of the solid waste and anerobic digestion technology of food waste.
Hyosung Engineering is doing its best to be one of the best EPC contractors in the world such as continuous research and development of the new technology in the environmental field.

Business Area

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Civil and Environment Field
Hyosung leads the domestic environment industry in the field of water treatment business based on experiences that are accumulated from several decades, and also actively executes lots of civil works and energy business related to engineering field.
Resources Recirculation Field
Hyosung is highly experienced in Gasification Ash Melting on municipal solid waste as well as Fluidized Bed Incineration facility which is operating at the best performance condition in Incheon International airport, South Korea. Hyosung has competitive Engineering & Construction technologies at Organic Sludge Solidification, Carbonization, Drying and Incineration related to Wastes Treatment and Recycling. In addition, Hyosung has competitive differentiation in field of Resources Recirculation that shows technical excellence with tons of experiences. Hyosung, in particular, has professionalism in the field of food waste treatment based on the various methods such as aerobic composting, co-treatment with sewage sludge, drying for feedstuff, anaerobic digestion and other methods.
New Business Field
Hyosung not only carries out the reuse of sewage-treated water and the restoration of soil, it also provides solutions to the new renewable energy sector in low-carbon green growth. - including incineration power generation using waste with high calorific power, (such as RDF, disposed tires, and wood chips), and biomass gasification using organic waste, (such as food waste and livestock waste, etc.) the green energy sector (including CO2 discharge reduction facilities and CDM businesses using CO2 collection & decomposition technology), and other fields.
Industrial Plants
After signing a building contract for a tire steel cord plant in Vietnam in 2010, Hyosung Engineering has become a specialist in industrial plant construction. Since then, Hyosung Engineering has completed yarn and film plant projects, and is expanding its business internationally, setting a strong foothold in the industrial plant business.

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