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PP/DH PU - Advanced processes that lead the chemical industry

Hyosung produces and supplies polypropylene, which is widely used among synthetic resins. We adopt the advanced technology of Mitsui’s HYPOL and Dow’s UNIPOL process to manufacture polypropylene, TOPILENE. Hyosung also adopt Propane Dehydrogenation Process (DH) to obtain high purity propylene which is main feed of PP manufacturing process.

Major Products

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PP (Polypropylene)
We produce various PP grades such as homopolymer, block copolymer, and random copolymer. These make full use of individual characteristics via HYPOL and UNIPOL methods. Our special products with high technology have excellent features, such as high temperature and pressure resistance, high tenacity, high impact resistance, transparency, and excellent appearance.
R200P which is a PP-R product used for cold/hot water pipes is leading the global market and the products used for retort films and protection films are recognized as one of the best qualities in the domestic market. The products for general use are also well received by customers based on those excellent processing characteristics and physical properties.
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