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Core material which will take a lead in the parts industry with the excellent properties and competitiveness

Polyketone which was developed and commercialized for the first time in the world by Hyosung is an environment-friendly new macromolecular material made from carbon monoxide (CO), a main culprit of air pollution, and olefin (ethylene, propylene). Compared to nylon, its impact strength is 2.3 times higher and chemical resistance is more than 30% higher while its abrasion resistance is more than 14 times higher compared to the currently highest level of polyacetal (POM). Its gas barrier is also in the equivalent level to ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) which has the highest gas barrier out of the currently available materials.
Keeping pace with the increasing demand of the world’s engineering plastic market which is consistently growing by 5% per year, Hyosung targets establishing a full-scale mass production system in 2015 to produce and sell the world’s highest level polyketone material.

Major Products

As a new material for future industries developed and commercialized exclusively by Hyosung in the world, polyketone is an environment-friendly new macromolecular material made by using carbon monoxide, the air pollutant, as a raw material.
Use of polyketone
Polyketone may be used widely for various parts such as radiator end tank, oil-hole door, engine tank, fuel line, wheel cover and engine cover due to its excellent impact-resistance, chemical-resistance, oil-resistance and gas barrier.
Electricity and Electronics
Polyketone improves quality of many electric and electronic parts including connector, switch and cable box due to the excellent impact-resistance, flame-resistance and processability.
Industrial Materials
Polyketone’s abrasion-resistance is the highest level in the existing engineering plastics and also with excellent chemical-resistance and water-resistance, it is used for diverse industrial materials including OA equipment gears, cable tie and heat sink and brings astonishing innovation.
With the excellent chemical-resistance and gas barrier, polyketone exhibits superb performance as being used for pipe, tube and film.
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