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Chemicals - The chemical material technology of Hyosung always supports convenient daily lives.

Textile / Trading - Giving new direction in textile innovation to maximize customer value.

We assure customer safety and satisfaction through optimized cutting-edge materials.

Hyosung Advanced Materials produces high-strength industrial yarn, textiles and cord materials used in automobiles, civil engineering and construction, agriculture, military, etc. It continues to reinforce its capabilities and competitiveness by developing and commercializing products such as tire cords, seatbelt yarn and airbag fabric which are already ranked No. 1 in the global market, and new materials that can lead to sustainable growth.



    The chemical material technology of Hyosung always supports convenient daily lives. Hyosung Chemical produces TPA that is exported to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and a wide range of chemical products such as various types of films and fluorine gas, as well as polypropylene (PP) with the highest market share in Korea; polyketone successfully commercialized for the first time in the world, is a new polymer material that will lead the global parts industry as a core material with its superior physical properties and competitive edge.

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PP/DH - Leader of the chemical industry that produces the world's best products with state-of-the-art technology

  • PP(Polypropylene)

PPDH PU's PP brand, TOPILENE offers a variety of products via the hypol and unipol methods, including homo-polymer, block co-polymer and random co-polymer.
Our special-purpose products, which require high-level technology to produce, have excellent functionality such as high temperature pressure resistance, high rigidity, high impact resistance, and transparency, and therefore, they accommodate the sophisticated needs of various customers. In particular, R200P, which is used to produce cold/hot water pipes, is leading the global market, and our retort film and protective film are also recognized for their top-end quality in South Korea.
Our general purpose products are also well received by customers thanks to their excellent processing characteristics and physical properties suitable for their applications.

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Film - From packaging to industrial and optical, our film contributes to our customers’ value enhancement.

  • Nylon film (Food packaging, Medicine, Secondary cells)
  • Polyester film (Packaging, Optics, and Industrial)

Film PU entered the Nylon film business in 1996 and PET film business in 1997 based on the technology it had gained in the textile industry. Nylon film has excellent impact strength, pinhole property, printability, and oxygen barrier properties, and it is widely used for food packaging and as a packaging material for various household products. Hyosung Chemical’s nylon film is leading the industry in the South Korean nylon film market based on stable quality and is growing into a global leader through expanding our presence in the Chinese market. PET film has excellent strength, heat resistance, and dimensional stability, and it is used for electric and electronic materials and various other industrial materials including packaging and optic materials. Based on continuous technological development, Hyosung Chemical is strengthening its growth base by making forays into high value-added film fields, including optical film, release film for process, and film for windows. We are working hard to advance our PET film into becoming the leader of the specialty film market(packaging, industrial, and optical films) and make our NY film become the global leader.

TPA - A leader of the chemical raw material industry trusted by customers for the best quality it delivers

  • TPA (Purified Terephthalic Acid)

TPA PU annually produces and supplies 420,000 tons of high purity TPA which is not only a main raw material for high functionality polyester fibers but is also used to produce various industrial and everyday goods including tire cord, pet bottles, and polyester film. Produced with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge methods based on the technology and experience gained in the synthetic fiber industry, Hyosung Chemical’s high purity TPA contributes to increasing the competitiveness of polyester-related manufacturers in South Korea as well as many corners of the world including Asia and Europe thanks to its superlative quality and stable properties.

Neochem - A high value-added business that produces materials essential for the high-tech electronic industry

  • Nitrogen trifluoride(NF3)
  • 20% F2/N2 mixture

Neochem PU has independently developed NF3 gas and special industrial gases used for high-tech products such as semiconductors, displays, and solar cells. Based on state-of-the-art facilities and the know-how and technology Hyosung Chemical has attained in the chemicals industry, Neochem PU produces and sells high-quality products. In addition, in response to continuous expansion of the semiconductor and display markets, Neochem PU consistently augmented its production lines and has established a stable supply system. Neochem PU is working hard to produce various products with an aim to become a dedicated special gas producer.

Optical Film - We have localized the electronic materials industry with our advanced technology

  • TAC films

Optical Film PU independently develops and produces tri-acetyl cellulose(TAC) film which protects the PVA polarizing film inside LCD polarizers, which are fitted into TVs, monitors, laptops, etc. Since establishing a plant for producing TAC film for LCDs in Ulsan, we have been producing TAC film, which is unprecedented in South Korea. In addition, thanks to our TAC plant 2 which was established in Oksan in 2013, we now boast an annual production capacity of 110 million square meters. We are increasing the sales of our products by entering the Chinese market, which is recently emerging as the largest display market in the world. Moreover, in keeping with technological developments in the electronic materials industry, we are also developing new films based on TAC film technology, expanding into various optical film markets.

POK - A vital material that will lead the components industry with excellent physical properties and a competitive edge

  • Polyketone (POKETONE™)

POKETONE&trade, the first polyketone brand to have been commercialized in the world, is new eco-friendly polymer made from petroleum chemical olefins(ethylene and propylene) and carbon monoxide(CO), a primary source of air pollution. The impact strength of POKETONE&trade is more than twice that of nylon, and its chemical resistance is higher than nylon's by more than 30%. In addition, its abrasion resistance is at the highest level, 10 times more than polyacetal(POM), and its gas blockage is also excellent.

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