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Steel Wire Technical Center - Hyosung will develop the world's best technology to enrich our everyday lives.

securing world's best technologies and such fundamental technologies as will be future growth engines

The Steel Wire Technical Center, established in 1986 for the development of steel cord and bead wire as well as their production processes, has grown into a research center specializing in steel material.
Having accumulated technology and R&D competency, the Center has recently developed ‘Wafer cutting wire’ used in recyclable energy (solar energy) and IT (semiconductor, LED) industries.
To strengthen R&D in basic technology and core competencies, the Center built a new R&D facility in 2007 followed by the establishment of an overseas technical center to secure technology for ‘Global Excellence.’ The Center has been writing a history of achieving the highest grades of customer satisfaction.
The Steel Wire Technical Center is focused on developing the world’s best technology that customers recognize through creating a stable infrastructure for R&D and securing the newest R&D facilities and skilled researchers. The Center is also investing in developing base technology for new businesses that will be future growth engines.

Research Areas

Research Areas Image
  • Micro-structure of steel & heat treatment technology
  • Plating and surface treatment
  • Design & optimization of wet drawing condition
  • Optimized drawing process design
  • Stranding mechanism
  • Development of Hyosung’s only specification
  • Eco-friendly tire reinforcements
  • Future tire reinforcements
  • Properties of future tires
  • Adhesion mechanism between steel cord and rubber
  • Wafer cutting wire
  • Ultra-fine wire development
  • Special material wire development

Key Developments


Developed design technology for optimized condition of steel wire drawing process


Developed precision control and heat treatment technology with refined metal structure prediction program


Developed steel wire & cable for central tensile line and support line of communication cable


Development of Zinc Coated Steel Cord for Eco-Friendly Tire, Ultra-Fine Steel Wire for Diamond Coated Wire


Development of Ultra-Fine Filament Steel Cord for LTR Carcass


Developed the innovative cord (Hybrid Cord, Zn-Coated Cord)


Established China Technological Center, Developed high performance stranding machine


Developed fine-diameter saw wire, Developed diamond wire


Established Vietnam Technological Center designed and optimized the saw wire production process in Qingdao (China) plant


Designed and optimized the steel cord production process in Vietnam


Developed mono wire


Optimization & designing of the steel cord production process in Nanjing (China) plant


Designed and optimized the saw wire production process


Developed UT (Ultra Tensile, 4000 Mpa) steel cord


Developed recycling process of lubricants used in wet drawing


Optimization & designing of the steel cord production process in Qingdao (China) plant


Developed a new steel cord production process improved brass plating


Development of NT (Normal Tensile, 2850 Mpa) HT (High tensile, 3300Mpa),

ST (Super Tensile, 3650 Mpa) steel cord with good fuel efficiency


Developed a new bead wire production process


Developed technology that enhances the platting efficiency of brass


Designed and optimized the tire reinforcement production process