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Power & Industrial Systems - Hyosung will develop the world's best technology to enrich our everyday lives.

Endless challenge for the best R&D competence

Hyosung has been recognized for its world-class technology in the field of high-voltage power systems as it developed Korea's first 765kV high-voltage transformer and 800kV gas insulated switchgear. Since its establishment in 1978, Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center has taken the initiatives in technical development in the field of heavy electric machine.
More recently, to respond to the new paradigm of the power industry represented by DC grid, it is spurring the development of new technologies, including ESS, STATCOM and voltage HVDC.
It is also developing IE4 grade super premium high efficiency motor to improve the efficiency of motors, which are the essential factor for automation in every industrial area and also account for 60% of energy consumption. In addition, the company strives to build and develop asset management solutions that provide systematic management services of facility assets combined with the fourth industry technology-based products service systems.

Research Areas

Research Areas Image
  • Development of Interpretation Programs for Electric Power Systems
  • STATCOM (STATic synchronous COMpensator)
  • ESS (Energy Storage System)
  • Voltage Type HVDC
  • AHMS (Asset Health Management Solution)

Key Developments


200MW BTB MMC HVDC prototype development (converter submodule,

sub module controller), Development of 98.7% 2.5MW

Modular PCS for PV-linked large capacity ESS market response,

Development and construction of AMS (Asset Management System)

for Mozambique Power Authority, Development of LPIT (Low power

Instrument Transformer) for 145kV GIS, environment-friendly R&D


20MW BTB MMC HVDC pilot site commissioning

400MW class MMC STATCOM installation and commercial operation
(KEPCO Shin-youngju S/S, Shin-Choongju S/S)

Development of Asset Management Solution for 154kV Substation. (AHMS First in Korea)


Developed the integrated ESS Control Solution,

began commercial operation of the 48MW ESS station for the indoor FR at the Gimje substation,

and ESS-linked photovoltaic systems (installed 50.3MW/160MWh, including Yeongheung 7MW/18MWh,

Haenam Green 8MW/33MWh and Samcheonpo 12.5kW/32MWh)


Developed 2MW ES PCS for KEPCO frequency regulation (won the contract for KEPCO’s tetiary project,

Gimje substation 48MW), and developed the energy-independent island MG system (Gapado Island 3.25MW/3MWh

and Geochado Island 250kW/500kWh), developed the US-bound 1MW outdoor PV PCS (acquired UL certification,

CEC efficiency 98%), developed the Asset Management Solution for 154kV transformers/GIS (first in Korea),

developed the low-voltage high-power 315~400Fr. Induction motor (315Fr. 4P IE3 efficiency certification),

and developed IE4 LS-SynRM 3.7kW

(developed the world’s first direct-on-line magnetoresistance synchronous motor)


Developed the ESS-linked renewable energy at Yeongheung Thermal Power Station (first in Korea, 4MW PCS /

16MWh Battery) and the energy-saving ESS (1MW PCS / 2MWh Battery) for Korea Hydro &

Nuclear Power Co., Ltd‘s Gyeongju Main Office Building, acquired 150MW MMC STATCOM KEMA certification,

and IE4 super-premium SynRM motor 45kW or less lineup


Renewable energy Integrated MW-class Li-Battery Energy Storage System,

20MW class Voltage Source Converter HVDC system, 150MW class Multi-Modular type STATCOM


Battery Energy Storage System and Micro Grid for

Off-Grid island IE4 Super Premium Synchronous Reluctance Motor


1MW Li-Battery Energy Storage System, 250kW/500kW PV PCS,

80kW PERMANANT MAGNETIC SYNCRONOUS MOTOR and Drive for Electric Vehicles (EV),

EV CHARGING System, Power transformer Partial Discharge detection Diagnostic System


20kW•800kW PCS for Li-B Energy Storage System, Navy's Next- Generation mid-sized torpedo

propulsion motor, 50kW class EV motors (Commercially applied in HMC's EV Model ‘RAY’),

Dissolved Gas Analysis and Diagnostic System for Power Transformer,

IEC 61850 based 154kV M.Tr IED / 170kV GIS IED


60kW class EV motors (applied HMC's EV test Model ‘Blue-On’), Submarine Large-sized Propulsion Motor,

750kW-class DFIG type Wind Turbine PCS




System-connected solar inverters (3kW, 50kW, 250kW), 1kW class PEMFC home generation systems,

ecological 25.8kV 25kA Dry Air- Insulated Switchgear (DAIS) (first in Korea),

245kV 40kA Motor Direct Drive Mechanism (MDDM) GIS


154kV gas transformers, 2MW-class wind power system


10MVA STATCOM, GIS partial discharge diagnosis system, power transmitter class

FACTS device core parts domesticized (first in Korea)


750kW class wind power generation systems, 100kW class fuel cell PCS, 36kV 31.5kA GIS


245kV 50kA class GIS (first in Korea), 25.8kV 25kA GIS (applicable size changed, first in Korea),

24kV 40kA 3000A GIS (first in Korea)


362kV 50kA GIS (first in Korea), 154kV 80MVA UPFC (FACTS) pilot plant (first in Korea)


Substation automation system, 300kV 40kA GIS


154kV 40MVA FACTS transformers, interpolar condenser without capacitor, 170kV gas circuit breaker


Distribution digital protection meters


800kV ultra-high voltage circuit breakers, 765kV transformer device preventive

and diagnosis system, 200kW gas engine heatcombination systems,

package-type CNG filling systems, nuclear power plant Q-class large-capacity motors,

362kV 63kA 8000A GIS (first in the world)


Gas turbine co-generator, railcar towing motors


765kV transformers (first in Korea)


170kV 31.5kA 1200A GIS


Amorphous transformer (first in Korea)


154kV Phase-separated Transformer (3ph 154kV 386MVA)


Nuclear power plant 345kV transformers (1ph 345kV 1187MVA/Bank)