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Established as Korea’s first R&D Center affiliated with a corporation in 1971, Hyosung R&DB Labs has expanded its research scope to raw materials and products of chemical, and new materials based on R&D capacities in synthetic fiber research, the driving force behind Korea’s industrialization.
Hyosung’s ‘Central laboratory’ and ‘Production Technology Center’ have been integrated to ‘Hyosung R&DB Labs’ for a greater synergy in September 2006. Hyosung reorganized its structure into five major research groups based on 10 core basic technologies, in order to create new business opportunities in 2011.
In addition to research technologies for future business areas, which are going to provide the basis for future growth, Hyosung R&DB Labs are developing new products and processes and help them widely utilized as rapidly as possible.

Research Site

Research Areas

5 major Research Groups
  • Textile Research Group
  • Polymerization Research Group
  • Electronic Materials Research Group
  • Film Research Group
  • Functional Materials Research Group
10 core technologies
  • Polymerization / synthesis
  • spinning / drawing
  • catalyst / process
  • film manufacturing
  • coating process
  • composite materials
  • compounding
  • Organic and inorganic Nano technology
  • Binder/mixing
  • Strain/fermentation

Key Developments


Developed cotton dyeable spandex, Developed bio-based spandex,

Recycled NY Robic luster specialty, Developed CD Recycle PET,

Developed high impact resistance HPPB materials for sewage pipes,

High performance antistatic film, Intermediate modulus carbon

fiber, Ultra high strength carbon fiber


Developed the PET CD continuous polymerization process technology and improved the quality of Nylon

bonding yarn (MIPAN glurex)

Developed Soft spandex

Developed differentiated high-strength, high-modulus tire cord products

Developed tire cord heat treatment Dip Recipe for improvement of heat-resisting adhesive strength

Developed PP for crosslinked foaming


Developed R-TPO(Reactor made Thermoplastic Olefin) grade


Developed recycled flame retardant PET fiber, Dope dyed PET fiber for automotive application,

High impact strength & transparent PP grade, Acquired certification of a new environmental technology for

pressurized-type hollow fiber membrane, Developed green dope dyed NY fiber with high tenacity,

Acquired certification of a new environmental technology for pressurized-type hollow fiber membrane,

Developed green dope dyed NY fiber with high tenacity, POK membrane module manufacturing technique,

NY/PET conjugated fiber with mélange effect, PK Grade for pipe fitting parts, PK wear-resistant gear grade,

PET film for LCD multi-layer sheet


PET White dope dyed fiber, Developed highest LTHS(long term hydrostatic strength) PPR material,

Developed CD(corrugated conduit) grade for winter season, Commercialized ultra-high elongational spandex,

Developed POK grade for industrial pneumatic tube, Acquired KWWA F106 certification for AMC hollow fiber



Developed deodorant PET fiber, 3H normal anti-glare film, Antiballistic aramid solution,

High flexibility &high impact strength Polyketone compound, Large tow carbon fiber, YAG and LuAG LED phosphors,

Heat generating fiber, High tenacity PET hollow fiber


Developed specialty conjugated yarn (dope dyed, CD PCP), Developed dope dyed Robic, Medical PP grade

for high speed ISBM process, Developed high strength flame retardant Polyketone compound, Developed carbon

fiber for pressure vessel, Development of high temperature filtration process using POK membrane


Developed solvent-free spandex, heat storage fiber, PET waterrepellent yarns, NY66 air-textured yarn (ATY),

GF-PPR, grade for extrusion coating, the world’s first successfully developed and commercialized

new material polyketone, retardation film for VA mode, ultra-wide TAC film, PET film development

for LCD light diffusers, transparent conductive film for touch screen panels, hightenacity intermediate modulus

carbon fiber (H305S), and acquired certification for pressurized-type hollow fiber membrane module.


Developed heavy-denier spandex yarn for diaper OETO, healthcare/ far-infrared emitting fiber,

rayon-like PET for UHPT, seat belt yarn for high-quality dyeing, aramid fine denier yarn,

high gloss & high stiffness PP, TAC films for3D FPR, nylon films for secondary-cell cell pouches,

low-haze anti-glare filmfor TVs, high modulus carbon fiber, high heat-resistant prepreg,

intermediate-diameter CNT, and acquired certification for a new environmental technology process

for submerged-type hollow fiber membrane.


Developed protective film technology for eco-friendly polarizing plates, antireflective films for

TV sets, carbon fibers, high heat resistance and high elongation spandex, highly functional PET multilobal yarns,

and ultra-low shrinkage yarns for broad woven.


Developed highly chlorine-resistant spandex, highly functional nylon shaped yarns (Aqua-X),

highly sensitive nylon shaped yarns (Rexy), high value-added electronic material with PP grade,

and laptop thin films.


Developed highly colorful sportswear PET yarns (Prizma), transparent PP grade for LCD protective films,

high-density catalysts for propane dehydration, anisotropic conductive films (ACF),

normal grade for small LCDs and heat-resistant and detaching NY films.


Developed thermo-keeping polyester fiber (Aerowarm), recycled polyester long fibers (Regen),

para-aramid fibers, solution-dyed yarns for ARS, 300ml vending machine water bottles,

and 200ml 43g light spring water bottles.


Developed anisotropic conductive films (ACF), flame-retardant Prizma yarns,

ultra-high-strength PET yarns for ARS, and ILC PET films for windows.


Developed polyester Askin yarns, polyester low-shrinkage yarns,

polyester conductive yarns, water-repellent yarns for C&L fabric, and nylon bonding yarns.


Developed high-purity fluorine gas, polyester latent and potential crimped yarns (Xanadu 55),

industrial polyester inflammable yarns, alkali-resistant spandex, and solution-dyed spandex.


Developed ‘MipanNano Magic Silver,’ a silver nano fiber, PVA fiber, highest spandex,

micro-polyester process yarns, and polypropylene polymer catalysts.


Developed PEN tire cords, Lyocell tire cords, Zn-free Spandex, medical PP chips, and multi-lay PET beer bottles.


Developed fluorescent spandex, heat-resistant spandex, chlorineresistant spandex,

antibacterial nylon textile, polyester films, and nano compound films.


Developed polyester ultrathin fibers (0.2 Denier), PTT BCF carpets, and nylon film resins.


Developed sheath-core nylon luminous yarns, DH catalysts, HIPP, and butene random PP.


Developed polyester ultra-fine fiber, ultraviolet nylon yarns.


Developed HTS special yarns, bottle CoPEN resins, and water-soluble Chitosan.


Developed airbag yarns and synthetic yarns


Developed antibacterial, anti-odor carpets, hollow yarn film filter water Purifiers


Developed nylon hollow yarns, wastewater treating microorganisms ‘PREMO’


Developed nylon ultra-fine yarns, dry Spandex


Developed Full-Dull polyester fiber


Developed nylon 66 resins


Developed polyester hollow yarns


Developed PP resins and epoxy resins


Developed nylon/polyester microfiber, nylon conductive yarns, artificial suede, artificial grass


Developed nylon 6 resins


Developed BCF yarns for carpets


Technology Awards

2014Korea Technology Award Gold Prize (manufacturing technology of the high-strength intermediate                 modulus carbon fibers TANSOM)
2012Silver Award in Korea Technology Awards: Development of TAC film for LCD, 2012
2010Top 100 Technologies in Korea (Spandex, Tire Cord)
2007Korea Top Ten New Technologies (2, 6 NDA) a
2006Silver Award, Korea New Technology Industry Show (new material tire cord)
2002Korea Top Ten New Technologies (PET ultra-microfiber)

Korea World-Class Product Awards

2012World-Class Product (Stretchable Polyester Fiber)
2011World-Class Product (Spandex, Semi-permanent cool touch Polyester Fiber)
2008Next-Generation World-Class Product (elastic polyester fiber)
Next-Generation World-Class Product (high barrier gas multi-layer for PET beer bottles)
2007Current World-Class Product (polyester yarn for safety seatbelts)
2005Current World-Class Product (PP resin ultra-high-pressure pipes for hot/cold water piping)
2004Current World-Class Product (yarns for tire reinforcement materials)
2002Current World-Class Product (directly spun polyester microfibers)
Current World-Class Product (long-fiber polyester yarn with comfort functionality)

Honors and Awards

Engineer of the Korea Award
(2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2009, 2008, 2007)
Green Technology Award of the Year in Green Technology Awards(2012)
Honored by Minister of Knowledge and Economy (2011, 2010)
Creative Technology Award (2016, 2010)
Presidential Award (2009, 2004)
Awards for Creativity in Science and Technology (2009)
Various honors and awards for outstanding R&D Center and researchers
Various honors and awards for ‘Invention Day’ and ‘Science Day’ commemorations
Various Order of Merits for ‘Textile Day’

NET Mark Certification

The NET Mark seeks and certifies new technologies developed by the country’s corporations,
research bodies and academic institutions, guaranteeing the superiority of their technologies
early on in order to accelerate their commercialization and to raise the overall credibility of products
using the technology, thus establishing a sales market for these products
2013Immersion type precision filter-film water purification technology
2006Composite spinning technology for PET-based electricity conductive yarn
2006Polyester-based elastic fiber material
2003PP products for containers for medical use
2001Manufacturing technology for sheath-core-type photo-luminescent nylon fiber
2001Highly water-permeable nano-filtration composite membrane
1999Far-infrared nylon fiber with insulation and thermal qualities
1998Manufacturing technology for polymer for polyolefin dyeing
1996Manufacturing technology for photo-polymerization composite resin for restorative dentistry
1994Material for air bags for passenger/driver safety in vehicles
1994Manufacturing technology for microbial agents for waste water treatment

IR 52: Prize for Industrial Research

Established in 1991, the IR 52 is the country’s most prestigious industrial technology award and is
sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
2018Developed the PET CD continuous polymerization process technology
2014High-strength intermediate modulus carbon fiber 'TANSOM'
2012High-efficiency platinum catalyst for propane dehydrogenation reaction
2008Ultra-high strength PET yarn
2007Lyocell tire cord
2002M 2, 'Micro Miracle‘ - PET ultra-microfiber yarn
2001PTT BCF fibers and carpets
1999Fast-absorbing, quick-drying polyester yarn
1998Polyamide copolymer yarn with low-melting point
1998Polyester yarn made with Hot Tube System process
1997‘Biax’ - super high-performance breathable waterproof fabric
1996‘Dew-Line’ water purifier
1995Nylon microfiber products
1991Polyester multi-layer yarn
1991‘Stonex’ - acrylic-based synthetic marble