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Overview - Hyosung, the company that creates value for its customers



Always by your side - 
Hyosung works in a variety of industrial and technology areas that make your lifestyle more 
convenient and more comfortable. In fact – from the fibers that make the fabric in your clothes, the materials 
for the tires and seatbelts that keep you and your car safe and the power transmission lines that provide electricity to your home, to other day-to-day items such as ATM machines, motors, pumps, carpets and plastic wrapping films – Hyosung and its innovative products are already closer to you than you think. You may not know us, but we are always working for you ,     Hyosung is always behind you.

Into the world, into the future - 
Hyosung is already No. 1 in many business areas in Korea, but we are always looking to expand into additional markets around the world. We already have a sales and production network of over 50 bases that spans from Asia to the Americas and Europe, providing convenience to customers in over 130 countries. We are also working to enrich people’s lifestyles in the future, investing much of our efforts into cutting-edge businesses such as new renewable energy, electronic materials and high-tech materials. Always dreaming bigger and making dreams come true ,     Hyosung will always take on new challenges.

Adding value to the community - 
We always remind ourselves that we are part of the overall community and work to positively contribute to the society at large. Hyosung aims to make this world a little more beautiful with its various social contribution works such as volunteering and protecting the environment as well as valued cultural properties. Additionally, we strive to provide support for a wide range of cultural events, scholarship funds for students in Korea and around the world and dispatching global volunteer groups. In addition, we are a company that values the development of new technologies that allow us to use new energy sources such as wind power generation, treat waste water, reduce our CO<sub>2</sub> emissions and recycle waste fibers.
A happier world for everyone ,   Hyosung dreams of creating a utopia.